The Big Finish: My Professional Placement Part 4

Eric Kanius wraps up his time at the Puppetworks with animatics, free music, and a trailer!

Personalized Computer Rig Part 1

In this episode, Berny starts putting together the membership’s New Media Suite, installing the RAM, heatsink, and motherboard in the case.

Dianne Ouellette screening reminiscence

Gerald Saul comes across some old Super 8mm footage of a collection of Filmpool filmmakers just before a screening.


Gerald Saul recalls the first film he saw by Dianne Ouellette.

WTF is an equipment rental deferral

Find out What The Filmpool is an equipment rental deferral and how to go about applying for one.

Two new microphones available to membership

The Filmpool has purchased two new [used] Sennheiser MKH 416 P microphones and they are ready to rent.
Production Coordinator, Berny Hi, puts the mics in new Rode blimp suspension systems and showcases the new acquisitions.

Filmpool Premiere Screening Call for Submissions

Hey Filmpool Member, did you finish your film in the past year? If so, you should submit to the Filmpool Premiere Screening!

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