Mandate and Staff list

Filmpool Mandate

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is a non-profit artist-run centre which supports and assists independent visionary film and video production in Saskatchewan. The Filmpool is committed to developing an awareness and appreciation of independent film which reflects the individual and collective cultural expression of Saskatchewan people.

Filmpool Programming

To serve our mandate, the Filmpool provides programming in five key areas; Production, Workshops, Exhibition, Communications and Outreach. Through these programming initiatives the Filmpool provides professional development opportunities in film production, and exhibition for our members. We strive to develop audiences for independent motion pictures and maintain alliances with other cultural organizations.

Brief History

Founded in 1977, the Filmpool has a proud history of promoting and assisting independent film production and its contribution to Saskatchewan’s cultural expression. We provide our members with film and sound editing facilities, 16mm production equipment and regular funding opportunities. We host a number of events such as workshops and screenings and provide the public with regular editions of Splice magazine and episodes of Splice TV. The Filmpool is committed to the production of independent, indigenous film, which reflects the individual and collective cultural expression of Saskatchewan filmmakers.

The Filmpool membership’s objectives are met by a volunteer Board and committees in co-operation with paid staff.


Sherry McCormick
Interim Executive Director

[email protected]

Amber Hanover
Membership & Communications Coordinator

[email protected]

Ron Jacobs
Production Coordinator

[email protected]

Board of Directors

Jason Britski – President

Matt Ripplinger – Vice President

Dawn Bird – Treasurer

Jeremy Ratzlaff – Secretary

Ron Brandt

Sophie Kokott

Karla Paragg

Luke Halyk

Morgan Jones

Past Staff

Felipe Diaz – past Executive Director
Jemma Gilboy – past Production Assistant & past Members Services Coordinator
Shawn Bauche – past Production Coordinator
Tricia Martin – past Program Coordinator
Mattias Graham – past Summer Assistant Coordinator
Matthieu Belanger – past Production Assistant
Chrystene Ells – past Artist in Residence
Noelle Duddridge – past Program Coordinator
Berny Hi – past Production Coordinator & Artist in Residence
Kristine Dowler – past Member Services and Communications Coordinator

Past Board Members

Danielle Austin – Secretary

Ella Mikkola
Mattias Graham
Gord Groat
Jeremy Ratzlaff
Sandra Staples-Jetko – Treasurer
Zach Almond – Vice President
Ken Wilson
Kolby Kostyniuk
Jason Rister – Past Treasurer
Mike Rollo – President
Amber Christensen – past Board Member
Emily Berntson – past Vice President – Programming Committee chair & Splice Committee
Gerald Saul – past Secretary
Ian Campbell – past Treasurer
Janine Windolph – past Treasurer
Jessica Riess – past President
Kelly Riess – past Vice President
Lowell Dean – past Board Member
Luke Black – past Board Member
Martha Roberts – past Board Member
Martin Makowski
Mitch Doll – past Board Member – Programming Committee
Myek O’Shea – past Board Member
Nora Gardner
– past Secretary
Rod Slamp – past Board Member
Rowan Pantel – past Board Member – Onine/Communications Committee
Sarah Huber
Terry Mialkowsky – past Board Member
Chrystene Ells
Scott Woloshin
Michael Lai
Kyath Battie – past Board Member

4 thoughts on “Mandate and Staff list”

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for writing in, especially regarding how you can help out at the Filmpool.
      There are often volunteer opportunities available. I will write you back and we can figure out what you would have the skills for and what you would be interested in.
      Much appreciated.

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a writer and offer professional writing services and instruction. Currently I am completing an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and have studied screenwriting at the graduate level. I have also taken two semesters of advanced screenwriting within my undergrad, which was in English (B.A., English, UNLV). I have written a feature-length screenplay and a couple of shorts, and have critiqued much student work. My feature-length screenplay received high scores in the CWA. So, I am quite interested in what you are doing at the Filmpool. I grew up in Regina, but have been away for over twenty years and am still learning what’s out there here.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of service in any way.


    Lori A. Way

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