The Cinema of Dr. Caligari

Thank you to all the submissions and attendees! The Cinema of Dr. Caligari played to a capacity crowd!

Special thanks to the MacKenzie Art Gallery and Caligari Project for partnering with the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative to present this incredible screening of both local and international films inspired by German Expressionism! All the films were amazing!!



Good Night by Henning Backhaus
Ilsa the Far Seer by Ian Campbell
The Scavenger by Jeremy Ratzlaff
Der Glockner by Berny Hi
Concerning the Cabinet by Mitch Doll & Edith Skeard
Sirena Negra by Elio Quiroga
MAZE by Ella Mikkola
Negative by Marina Evelina Cracana
The Gentlemen by Babatunde Adeboye





The Caligari Project 2016 is a City of Regina arts festival, public celebration and creative exploration of German Expressionism in its many artistic forms. As one of the festival’s components, the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative will be presenting The Cinema of Dr. Caligari including an international call for submissions of short films paying homage to this influential art movement.

To support our membership in the creation of films for this project the Filmpool is offering equipment deferrals and a lighting workshop. Deferrals may be applied for until August 15th, 2016. Members who submit their deferral application before June 17th will save an additional $10.00 on the Light and Shadows Workshop. The maximum deferral request is $650.00.



May 27th: Call for Submissions & Deferral Applications 

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative’s Call for Submissions will be requesting short films (made within the past two years and not to exceed 10 minutes), which have been influenced or inspired by German Expressionism cinema.

Saskatchewan Filmmakers should contact us before submitting their film for discounted fee rates. Members will have received this information in the Dailies. 

Deferral Application Form 

June 17th: Early-bird deadline to apply for deferrals.

Early-birds to submit Deferral Application will receive a discount on the Light and Shadows Workshop.

June 18th & 19th: Light and Shadows Workshop

A lighting workshop on lighting with a focus on the styles of German Expressioism.

Aug 15th: Deferral Application Deadline

Deferrals for equipment can be scheduled after this date in applications however this is the last day the Filmpool will be accepting equipment deferral requests for this project.

Sept 20th: Submission Deadline

Films projects can be submitted through FilmFreeway. Films will be juried for selection at the Cinema of Dr. Caligari Screening.

Oct 20th: Caligari Salon: An Evening of Angst, Art, Cinema and Sideshow

In addition to the screening of The Cinema of Dr. Caligari the evening will feature a performance from the Prairie Puppet Underground. The Caligari Salon will be presented at the Mackenzie Art Gallery.


Links and Resources

Deferral Application Form

Light and Shadows Registration

Project Submission

German Expressionism

Lasting from approximately 1905 to the early 1930’s, German Expressionism consisted in the creation of art coming forth from within the artist as opposed to an artist’s interpretation of the external world. Assessing the quality of the work revolved around the character of the artist’s feelings rather than an analysis of the composition.

Generally considered to be the quintessential German Expression film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) features a dark and twisted aesthetic with sharp pointed forms, oblique lines and angles, low key lighting and the use of exaggerated sets and mise-en-scene. The film tells the story about an insane hypnotist who uses his somnambulist accomplice to commit murders.

In addition to Dr. Caligari, other highly influential German Expressionism films include the classics Nosferatu (1922), Metropolis (1927) and M (1931).

Submit your film here! Saskatchewan Filmmakers should contact us before submitting their film for discounted fee rates.



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