Evidence Exposed: Call for Submissions/Production of short films


Evidence Exposed: An evening with Micah Hanks, Local Filmmakers & More
Presented by Swamp Fest, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative


Call for Submissions/Production of short films (not to exceed 10 minutes), which have been influenced or inspired by the evolving mythology of T.A.B. (Toxic Algae Blob) – resident swamp creature of Wascana Lake, and similar mysterious or otherworldly events. Topics of consideration include, but are not limited to: cryptozoology, interplanetary beings, unidentified flying objects, conspiracy theory (conspiracy fact?) and mysteries of the unexplained (please – no ghosts).


Creating a new film? Apply for Equipment Deferral by June 28th

Swampfest Deferral Sheet


Submit completed film by link to [email protected] by July 27th


Awards & Prizes

  • The Filmpool will honour Independent Media Arts Alliance fee schedule for artist fees.

Rules & TermsAll submissions must include:

  • a downloadable link
  • a short synopsis (1 – 3 sentences)
  • a description of how your film relates to the topics of consideration
  • a short bio of the filmmaker (1 – 3 sentences )

Film guidelines:

  • films must not exceed 10 minutes
  • films must be influenced or inspired by the Wascana Swamp monster or other phenomena.

Film selections will be Curated. Successful filmmakers will be notified, no later than August 13th. By submitting your film, you agree to allow the Filmpool, Swamp Fest and their affiliates to screen your film as well as use your footage and stills in promotional material.

By submitting, the filmmaker warrants that they are the rightful owner of the submission and do not violate or infringe on any trademark, trade name, copyright, literary, dramatic, musical, artistic or other intellectual property or personal rights.


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