Filmpool 2016 Filmmaker’s Production Assistance Program Recipients


Congratulations to the recipients of the Filmpool’s 2016 Filmmaker’s Production Assistance Program, First Filmmaker Fund, and Equipment Deferrals! There were a large number of applicants this year, making the job of the jury particularly difficult.
Grant Recipients:

  • Berny Hi, “Der Glockner”
  • Jason Britski, “Haircut Man”
  • Mattias Graham, “Red Can”
  • Tim Thurmeier, “Ruined”

First Film Fund:

  • Ella Mikkola, “Waves”
  • Scott Woloshin, “Road Games”
  • Rhys Pugh, “Heistery”

EQ Deferral:

  • Berny Hi, “Der Glockner”
  • Daniel Beaulieu, “Snot Bubbles”
  • Ella Mikkola, “Waves”
  • Lucas Frison, “Talent”
  • Rhys Pugh, “Heistery”
  • Sam Flamont, “Three Dames”
  • Sandra Staples-Jetko, “Prehistoric Saskatchewan Mammals”

Thank you to all applicants and to the jury. Find out more information about our Filmmaker’s Production Assistance Program.



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