Subscriber – $15/year
Subscribers receive The Dailies (Filmpool’s weekly e-newsletter), a free subscription to Splice Magazine, and the ability to post calls or promotional notices in The Dailies. This level does not have voting rights.

Basic Membership – $60/year
Basic members are entitled to everything a Subscriber is entitled to plus access to member rates for equipment rental, reduced rates at Filmpool workshops and events, and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

Full Membership – $75/year
Full members are entitled to everything a Basic Member is entitled to plus their projects are eligible for production grants, equipment rental deferrals, and they can access the advanced gear: Arri SR ii, Jib, Dolly, Panasonic HVX200, and Steadicam.

Affiliate – $75/year
This is available to non-profit organizations in the arts and culture sector in Saskatchewan. Privileges include everything a Basic Member is entitled to however this level does not have voting rights.

Renewing Members

Full payment is due April 1st of every year. As of April 1, 2008 renewing memberships are not pro-rated, and at any point through out the fiscal year renewal of membership remain the same price. Therefore regardless of when members renew during the year, renewing Members pay the price of either $75.00 for Full or Affiliate Membership or $60.00 for Basic Membership.


Renew online :

  1. This is for renewals only. If you are a new member, please contact us! Come on down to the Filmpool. We’d love to meet you in person
  2. The costs have been augmented to compensate for credit card and online fees.






New Members

How do I become a Member?

At the Filmpool we like to meet (or at least speak with) potential new members. That is why you won’t find a printable form or a membership sign-up option here. Please contact us at the Filmpool at: [email protected] or 306-757-8818 so we can schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of the Filmpool Staff to discuss why you are interested in becoming a member and what type of Membership is best suited to your needs.

Memberships are available to any resident of Canada. However, grants and equipment access are limited to Saskatchewan residents.

New Member sign up fees
Payment for any new Full, Basic, or Affiliate Membership is prorated throughout the year. Subscriber level is not prorated. This rate does not include the first time sign-up administrative fee of $10.

The chart below outline prices for Basic and Full Production Filmpool Memberships. The price in brackets includes the $10 initial sign up fee for new membership.

PRO-RATED                      Full Membership                   Basic Membership
April 1 – May 31                 $75.00      ( $85.00 )                    $60      ( $70 )
June 1 – Sept 31               $66.25       ( $76.25 )                    $45      ( $55 )
Oct 1 – Dec 31                   $37.50      ( $47.50 )                    $30      ( $40 )
Jan 1 – Mar 31                   $18.75      ( $28.75 )                    $15      ( $25 )


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