Open Aperture

Open Aperture is an open mic format social event for film, art and culture. The event will present selections of film up to five minutes in length as well as shares from artists across a wide variety of disciplines. Each iteration of Open Aperture will have a different focus or theme and bring new groups of artists together.  Artists of all experience levels are encouraged to submit.  Admission to Open Aperture is by donation at the door.


December 8th, 2016  | The Club at the Exchange |  7PM 

The Filmpool is excited to launch Open Aperture in partnership with the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA).

Submission preference: submitters must be Filmpool or SMPIA members

February 9th, 2017  | The Club at the Exchange |  7PM

In partnership with SaskInteractive this event will showcase works by both Filmpool and SaskInteractive members.

Submission preference: projects which feature elements of interactive storytelling

April 13th, 2017  | The Club at the Exchange |  7PM

Partnership opportunity currently available.

June 8th, 2017  | The Club at the Exchange |  7PM

In partnership with Holophon this event will showcase projects created by sound artists in collaboration with Filmpool members.

Submission preference:  projects where sound design has been creatively developed


What content should be submitted?

Whether it’s a segment of finished feature film from your archives or an assembly of your current short film project, it can be submitted. This is a showcase of work and ideas in all stages which should provoke conversation on the themes present in the work, techniques explored in the process, or a general critique from a new audience. To this end, as part of the submission, filmmakers will include focal points which identify where you’d like the conversation to go after the screening.

How are submissions selected?

The Filmpool and event partners will make selections based on connections to the partnerships as well as common themes arising from submissions.

How can I submit?

During open call times please send an email to [email protected] with a link to your five minute selection hosted on vimeo or youtube (as well as a password if required). Please indicate two or three focal points for the content as well.

What are ‘Focal Points’?

In regards to this event, focal points are discussion topics around the content to be screened. Filmmakers will be asked to pose these to the audience after their work is screened ie: ‘I was trying to show an unseen presence in this scene, is anyone picking up on that notion and if not does anyone have suggestions of what type shots could support this idea?’ or ‘This scene was supposed to make the character look defeated but unintentionally audiences seem to laugh, what might be the cause of this?’

Why should I submit?

This is an opportunity to get feedback from other artists. 

Who should come to Open Aperture?

Everyone is welcome. The event is all ages and licensed, however the content presented may be mature in nature depending on submissions.

When Does Open Aperture take place?

Open Aperture will run bimonthly from October to June. Submissions to Open Aperture will begin six weeks prior to screening and close once full.


The Filmpool would like to thank the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange for its ongoing support of this project as host. As well each event is supported by arts and culture organizations who share in our vision of building connections with local artists and creatives of many practices. These organizations include SMPIA, Saskinteractive, and Holophon.

If your organization is interested in partnering with the Filmpool on a future Open Aperture event please contact [email protected]


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