Mandate and Staff list

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is a non-profit artist-run centre which supports and assists independent visionary film and video production in Saskatchewan. The Filmpool is committed to developing an awareness and appreciation of independent film which reflects the individual and collective cultural expression of Saskatchewan people.

Member Sites

Berny Hi – Brett Bell – Callen Diederichs – Facebook page for Til the End of the Day Chrystene Ells – Cory MacLean – IMDB, YouTube, Vimeo David Stefanyshyn – Vimeo Dianne Ouellette – Gerald Saul – Ian Campbell – Kelly-Anne Riess – Kent Tate – – Kent Tate on Vimeo,VUCAVU…


  Subscriber – $15/year Subscribers receive The Dailies (Filmpool’s weekly e-newsletter), a free subscription to Splice Magazine, and the ability to post calls or promotional notices in The Dailies. This level does not have voting rights. Basic Membership – $60/year Basic members are entitled to everything a Subscriber is entitled to…

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