Personalized Computer Rig Part 1

With the help of work placement students from Media Productions and Studies at the University of Regina, Amber VanPinxteren and Tessa MacIntyre, the New Media Suite is coming together!

I assembled the first few parts of the rig and highlight features and supply tips for custom builds in this episode.  I’m pretty stoked about this new system. Not only will it allow for some of the most speedy encoding and rendering in town, it will be an essential tool for a potential new camera and workflow that we are working on. Stay tuned for more information on that research!

Amber and Tessa are great to work with. They not only filmed the installation, but then Amber took it into Final Cut Pro and edited it into something fun and altogether more succinct than I was during the process. Thanks guys!

Parts looked at in this video:
Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Formula
Case: NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower
Heatsink: Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler
RAM (memory): Corsair 16GB Vengeance DDR3

Watch it in 1080P on YouTube and subscribe to the Filmpool’s channel for more videos:


10 thoughts on “Personalized Computer Rig Part 1”

  1. Very interesting. Is that what you are using for editing with the Adobe suite? What graphics card have you installed? How many drives are installed (raid 0?), and what is the OS?

    1. I realize it will be windows, I meant to ask what version. You mentioned a new camera. What cameras are the Filmpool looking at?

      1. We’re looking at a few different options. Cameras are, by far, the most difficult purchase to make for a co-op, and with limited resources, we want to make sure it is well thought out. Any thoughts are very welcome from the membership!

        One thing I would really really like to encourage in the next camera purchase is the invigoration of our current gear. More specifically, the Filmpool owns some absolutely beautiful lenses that currently only fit the Arri SR ii Super 16mm package. A fantastic camera for the lenses, it’s what I shot Véronique à vélo on, but still a camera that does not get used as much as it would like to be (although, this weekend, University of Regina student Stephen Simons will be shooting his final year production on it). The lens kit features 4 primes: 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 25mm; and a zoom lens: 12 – 120mm I believe… I can’t quite remember and it’s currently rented out for a Red shoot.

        One encouraging option is the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. There is a model due that accepts the PL mounts of said lens kit and it falls nicely into our small budget. So that way we just have to buy a body and not lenses. There have been some hold ups in the production of this camera however, and we’re not sure yet that the lenses will cover the entire 2.5k sensor, so we have to wait to test it properly before we can proceed.

        Another option is the Digital Bolex, although that camera is even further away in production than the Blackmagic… so we’ll see.

        In the meantime (and here’s a sneak peak at my next post), the Filmpool has purchased a GoPro Hero 2 for member use!

    2. Thanks for the comments!
      We actually have the Adobe Creative suite 5 for both Mac and Windows suites. I, personally, edit with both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, but prefer Premiere. It’s what I got started on, so I am familiar with it. Self taught before there was such a thing as Final Cut. Besides that, it also plays really nicely with After Effects, Photoshop and Encore. The Adobe Dynamic Link means that there is no need to export elements or encode anything until the finished product. Also, with a beefy system, Premiere effects and transitions and audio playback is generally seamless and usually does not require rendering before playback.

      We have yet to install all the pieces, including the graphic card, so stay tuned for the next post!

      For drives there will be one system drive (SSD) and one storage drive internally. Externally, there is a super fast, RAID 5 (for excellent backup functionality).

      It will be running Windows 7, 64-bit.

      Thank you for the questions.

  2. Hi Berny,

    Wow, that is a lot of great information. I can imagine about the cameras…. As far as graphics cards, I recently got the Quadro 4000 (2 TB for Mac) running Adobe Creative suite 5.5. Premiere 5 has the Mercury engine too so maybe this is relevant. After Effects and my Red Giant plugins don’t seem any faster, but Premiere is definitely faster and my overall workflow is much better (DSLR footage and multiple layers especially). One thing I did not know until I got the card is a claim by Nividia that the output files are rendered at a higher quality then other graphics cards in its price range. I was sceptical about that but as near as I can see they do look better. It sounds like you are putting together a really sweet workstation which is going to make for a lot more productive inspiration. Good on you and thanks!

    1. A combination of price and user-friendliness.
      The liquid system is all contained and comes pre-filled, so it’s not like we have to run a hose to the computer. The price is great and was coming close to the fan/heatsink system I was looking at (very similar to yours). And sound was a factor. Being in an edit suite for days at a time, having a bit of a quieter system can save a bit of one’s mental state.

      [edit] Oh, and space. With the giant graphics card we’re installing, and the slightly minimalistic interior space available, heatsinks would be causing some issues. I think there would be 1mm clearance to the side and little room for expansion in the drive bays.

      I have found that even on its lowest fan setting it is able to keep an overclocked CPU at reasonable levels (say, just over half the temperature needed to boil water).
      Plus, how cool is it to say our computer is liquid cooled?

      1. Cool. Will definitely consider for my next build. Sound is always at the top of my objectives–its got to be quiet.

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