A Filmpool publication since 1977 Splice is published twice yearly and is distributed to Filmpool members and artist-run centres all across Canada. Splice magazine reflects critical and artistic views of residents of Saskatchewan. All Filmpool members will receive the latest copy of Splice in the mail, but it is also available for pick up at The Filmpool, The RPL Film Theatre and Chapters in Regina.

Splice (Fall/Winter 2019)

Chronicles the urgent filmmaking of Tasha Hubbard, the boundary-pushing expanded cinema of Light Terrors and for the first time in Splice’s pages: the 2018 Oser Essay.

Unmapping the Prairies by Carle Steel
An Optical Storm by Matthew Ripplinger
Navigating Past and Present
by Jennifer Sparrowhawk
Manipulating Celluloid
by Jason Britski
Notes from a Programmer by Dianne Ouellette
The Oser Essay by Jesse Desjarlais

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Splice (Winter 2018)

Featuring articles relating to U of R alum Ian Toews, Filmpool board member Jon Tewksbury, and adventures in Super 8 filmmaking.

Viewfinder: Ian Toews by Morgan Jones
by Andy Goodson
First Person – Spooksbury: The Defining Moments of a Ghoul
by Dana Lesiuk
Evidence Exposed
with photos by Leo Keiser

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Splice (40th Anniversary)

The 40th Anniversary edition of Splice takes a reflective look on the magazine’s past and what is in store for the future.

40th Anniversary Celebrations in Images
Off the Beaten Path: Alternative Cinema in Regina
by Mike Rollo
Finding Jean
by Nora G. Gardner
Bringing the World to Our Screens
by Mark Wihak
Splice on Splice
by Gerald Saul
Time Capsule: To Be Opened in 40 Years
by Founding Members

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Splice (Winter/Spring 2016)

A focus on a number of individuals and the projects they have been working on in the preceding couple of years.

Anecdotal Evidence: The Work of Gerald Saul by Chrystene Ells
The NFB & Saskatchewan
by Mark Wihak
The Viewfinder: Layton Burton
by Matt Yim
Production Diary: The Land of Rock and Gold
by Janine Windolph with Daniel Reddenbach
Of Strandline and Steenbeckett
by Geremy Lague
The Third Annual SIFAs
Upcoming Programming

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Splice (Winter/Spring 2016)

Local filmmakers discuss the post-tax credit feature filmmaking scene. We also look back at the artists we sadly lost in 2015.

First Light: Indigenous Filmmakers After the Tax Credit by Carle Steel
Killing Time with
 The Sabbatical
Cold Weather Viewing 
by Shane Hnetka
Looking for a Balance 
by Iryn Tushabe
I am the Bridge
by Alex Rogalski
Remembering Paul
by Noelle Duddridge
SaskShot Winners

2015 SIFA Awards

Winter and Spring Programming

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Splice (Fall 2014-Winter 2015)

Featuring an article on Artist-in-Residence Berny Hi, who is leading The Great Saskatchewan Timelapse Saskatchewan.

Filmpool Launches Film Awards by Kelly-Anne Riess
Building an Indie Career: A Year at the Canadian Film Centre by Luke Black
How Not to Make a Movie: My Conversation with Filmmakers Matt Yim and Matthieu Belanger by Emily Berntson
Bataille’s Sacrifice and the Screen Actor by Matthew Gartner
2014 Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards (SIFA) photograph collage
The Long and the Tall of It: A Look at Two Recent Films by Berny Hi
 by Gerald Saul
C-41: Developing Colour Film Negatives by Ian Campbell
Finding Al – A Journey in Documentary Filmmaking by Kelly-Anne Riess

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Splice (Winter 2013)

Featuring an in-depth article on the Filmpool being awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Award: Leadership in the Arts (organization)

10 Questions with Saskatoon Filmmaker Callen Diederichs by Amber Christensen
A Disruptive Model: CineCoup in Saskatchewan by Luke Black
WolfCop Wins Million Dollar CineCoup Prize by Kelly-Anne Riess
A Night of Poetry and Film by Nathan Mader
Leading the Way in the Arts by Kelly-Anne Riess
Scissors and Tape: DIY Filmmaking and the Value of Unprofessional Learning by Melanie Wilmink
Puppets Take Regina by Milena Džordeski
Puppets Around Town photograph collage

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Splice (Winter 2013)

The 35th Anniversary edition of Splice features an array of articles both thinking back, and looking forward to what the Filmpool and making independant film in Saskatchewan will look like in a post tax credit world.

Our Changing Landscape by Lowell Dean
For the Aspiring Documentarian by Steve Suderman
Leading the Last Show in Town by Daniel Redenbach
Yorkton life: Web Series finds Success on YouTube by Tricia Martin
Through the Years: Voices From the Past
The Long and Tall of It: It’s About Time…
by Gerald Saul
Catching up with Ron Jacobs by Mazin Saffou
Simply Stated: Advocacy Matters by Jessica Reiss
Ecology, Community, and Wisdom: What We Can Do by Nora G. Gardner.

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Splice (Winter 2012)

Featuring an in-depth article on the Filmpool’s first Artist-in-Residence Chrystene Ells and her program: This Big World.

Chrystene Ells’ Big World by Tricia Martin
White Crow Artist: Josie Pelly by Janine Windolph
The Long and the Tall of It: Carefully Carefree, Amalie Atkins’ Cloth-Tale Films by Gerald Saul
Shuya Show: A Short Film Review by Lowell Dean
Lessons in Short Filmmaking by Lowell Dean
In the Spirit of JLG: Notes on the Filmpool Godard Project by Christina Stojanova
Film Retreat by Berny Hi
For the Love of Art by Kelly-Anne Riess

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Submit an article to Splice

Call the Filmpool at 306-757-8818 if you would like to get involved with the creation of Splice. The Filmpool pays contributors an honorarium for published articles. All decisions regarding prospective articles and submissions are made by the Splice Magazine chair person and the Splice editorial committee. Submitting an article does not guarantee inclusion of your article.

Splice Magazine Committee

Splice magazine is created by current Members of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative. Splice is an invaluable mouthpiece for the Filmpool and for the artists and culture of Saskatchewan. Splice published articles about film and video productions in Cananda, trends in technology, featured articles on events and film artists. We are always looking for a committee that will represent our members and our mandate. If you are an interested in becoming a member of the Splice Magazine Committee, please call 757 8818 for details.

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