Test Footage – Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera & Production Camera 4K

Hello again, Membership!

As promised, I’ve come bearing gifts. On our exciting, new unboxing day we made sure to get plenty of test footage from each camera to not only show off what they could do, but just to try them out ourselves! And we figured you guys would like to see what the footage coming out of these cameras is like as well, so I’m here to deliver.

In the first video you’ll see the more portable Pocket Cinema Camera, and its 1080P footage, followed by the Production Camera 4K stuff. Also make sure to check out the second video, showcasing 4K resolution, to really see what that baby can do.

We’ll be having a Blackmagic workshop on July 3rd, from 7 pm to 9pm. This will be the first of a few in the coming months. FYI: Attending the workshop is mandatory before the Blackmagic cameras will be available to rent to you, so make sure to get your spot! Register by email at [email protected]


Test Footage – Both Cameras


Production Cam footage at 4K Resolution

So there you have it! Our two new cameras waiting for you guys to come try them for yourselves.

As always, we’d love to hear your comments in the box below, fire an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 306.757.8818.


3 thoughts on “Test Footage – Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera & Production Camera 4K”

    1. The 4K uses a “Super 35mm-like” sensor that is 21.12mm x 11.88mm, a 24.2mm Diagonal. To quote David West on the Blackmagic Forums, “When compared to traditional and high end digital CINEMA cameras there is NO crop factor. It’s only when you’re comparing it to the likes of a 5D or a traditional SLR that there seems to be a crop factor, but that same ‘problem’ applies to Reds, Alexas, and traditional film-based cinema cameras.”

      The Pocket Cinema Cam uses a Super 16mm sensor, 12.5 x 7mm, just a bit smaller than the “Super 16” standard.

  1. Thanks for the Test and the Comparison. We use the BMPCC as our B-Camera and it intercuts wonderful with our C300. It the footage ist just so amazing.

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