The Trudy Stewart Prize

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is pleased to announce the introduction of the Trudy Stewart Prize that will be given out annually beginning in the spring of 2020. 

The deadline for applications will coincide with the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative’s Production Funding Deadline on April 15th every year. This prize is a separate fund from the Production Funding applications with separate adjudication, and guidelines. 

To be eligible you must be an Indigenous filmmaker who is a full member at the Saskatchewan Filmpool. The prize itself is $1,000 that should be used for production, or post-production costs for a project by the successful applicant. 
Applicants are eligible to receive funding from both the Filmpool’s Production Fund, and to also receive the Trudy Stewart Prize for the same project.  

Submit all applications to [email protected], or if you have any questions to call 306-757-8818


All applications for the Trudy Stewart Prize will be reviewed and considered based on the merit of the project and the quality of the support material included in the application. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your support material and your application with the Production Coordinator. Both emerging and established filmmakers are eligible for the prize. 

Eligible applicants are full members in good standing of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, seeking funding for an independent, non-commercial project. Eligible non-commercial projects are those in which the filmmakers have full artistic control over all stages of the production, retain copyright of the finished production, are able to credit the Filmpool, and provide the Filmpool with a completed version of the film. This copy may be used as support material for Filmpool grant applications or in future Filmpool screenings. If you are not a member please contact the Production Coordinator to inquire about how you may become eligible to apply.

The application is made up of 4 sections. 

Personal Information

This section requires your current personal contact information, as well as information about the project you are applying for. The application requires the project title, genre, expected runtime, the applicant’s anticipated role, and a 1-2 sentence description for the project.

Project Description

Please provide a detailed description of the project including the goals you wish to achieve, why the project is important, and a general work plan.

Budget Breakdown

This section requires you to identify your confirmed and unconfirmed funding for the project as well as all expenses. There is a template for the Budget on the Filmpool’s website under Production – Grants.

Your funding and your expenses should match exactly. Every dollar that will be spent should be accounted for under expenses, and where each of those dollars is coming from should be accounted for. 

Support Material

When choosing your support material ensure that you present the strongest material possible, and that it has a strong relationship to your current project. Please ensure you have supplied all of the required support material, as incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Please provide the following: 

  1. Treatment
  2. Resumes for Confirmed Cast and Crew
  3. Production Schedule
  4. Audio / Visual Support Material
  5. Support Letter for Emerging Applicants

The audio and visual support material should not exceed 5 minutes of footage. It can be made up of past projects, concept art, storyboards, rushes or any other content that you think makes a strong support case for you as a filmmaker as well as your project. 

Please submit a PDF linking to the material on a streaming platform (Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, etc.) The links provided should go directly to the exact content you want the jury to see. Alternatively, you may provide a physical drive to the Filmpool containing the support material. 

Applicants are eligible to receive funding from both the Filmpool’s Production Fund, and to also receive the Trudy Stewart Prize for the same project, so you can submit the same required elements from that proposal to this fund.

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