Dianne Ouellette – “Dizzy Lizzy”

Featured Member Works: “Dizzy Lizzy” (10 min. – Drama – 2003 – Filmpool funded) –

Elizabeth is a girl with a secret…she sees fairies. This, needless to say, makes her something of a pariah with the neighborhood kids – especially a bully named Albert Collins. Her problems are increased by the fact that every fairy she “rescues” turns up dead. But where do these mythological creatures come from? And why, despite Elizabeth’s careful and loving ministrations, do they keep dying? Only her spinster Auntie Ann knows for sure.


Dianne Ouellette is an independent Métis filmmaker and presently an MFA (Media Production) candidate at the University of Regina. In the last 25 years she has been focusing her lens on family, history, and identity. Her films have been screened and awarded with national, and international recognition.

As part of her current research she shares personal and inherited stories, along with filming and photographing animals and land interactions. Her MFA project, an artist book and short film, nurtures knowledge in an exploration of her identity, and spiritual connection with more-than-human beings. Through a decolonizing lens, she honours her family and ancestor’s traumatic history by giving them voice.

Dianne works full-time as a Communications Specialist and is also, a sessional instructor, writer, and curator.


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