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Holiday Hours – Year-end Message from Executive Director

I would like to thank everyone for making 2017 such a memorable year at the Filmpool! With two major events celebrating the Filmpool’s 40th anniversary, one in March and the other in September with the launching of Wheat Soup beer, plus all the other workshops, exhibitions, partnership activities, film camp, two issues of Splice Magazine, and the recent Fourth Annual Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards – it has been an incredible year for the Filmpool, our members (past and present) and Saskatchewan’s entire independent film community.

The Filmpool takes great pride in supporting the production and exhibition of our Saskatchewan made films. We believe it’s this grass roots support of getting films made, keeping our industry active and believing in our own artists and stories – which lies at the heart of the Filmpool, and future filmmaking success in this province.

I would like to personally thank my two staff members Logan and Amber, the Filmpool’s Board of Directors, committee members, volunteers and three of the Filmpool’s founding members; Don List, Ian Preston and Brock Stevens for their support of commemorating this very special anniversary year at the Filmpool.

Happy holidays everyone!

Gordon Pepper

Executive Director

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