Jason Truong – “Rock Bottom” (the web series)

Featured Member Works: Jason Truong – “Rock Bottom”

Rock Bottom (the web series!)

In an effort to save their failing brewery, Ian and Jason try to strike a deal with a local mobster and restaurateur. Things go very badly.

Season 1 – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0iwR2HXioobl_WQCwdqoFFTU0T3y0fAE

Stuntman/actor, Jason Truong, has been in the film industry for nearly 20 years and has worked on projects such as Cagefighter, Super Grid, Stakelander 2 and in Vancouver on Amazon Prime’s flagship series, The Man in the High Castle. In 2015, Jason created his own production company, Character Flaw Productions, with writing partner Andrew Valdez. The two would go on to produce a number of comedy/action shorts such as The Actors, Merry What?, and The Heist, that have been nominated for multiple awards at various independent film festivals.

In 2017, Jason partnered up with writer/director Rick Anthony. The two would go on to produce Rock Bottom; a web series that was selected for Just for Laughs Comedy Pro Tour in Montreal, in addition to winning a SIFA for best web series.

Over the past couple of years, Jason has gained strong momentum in his stunt career. In 2019, Jason was selected to play mma fighter, Stefan Anderson in the movie Cagefighter, directed by Jesse Quinones. The movie is scheduled to make its world premiere on FITE.TV in May 16th, 2020. Most recently, Jason traveled to San Diego for a movie called Kung Fu Ghost where he took on dual roles as both the fight designer and stunt performer.

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