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Post-Sask Film Camp 2012

Sask Film Camp 2012 came to a close July 20th, and what a week it was.

Behind the camera @ Film Camp 2012

We put up notices around the Filmpool that Film Camp will be “taking over,” and we weren’t kidding. 17 campers (the largest group yet) aged 13-16 invaded the Filmpool for the week of July 16th-20th and the tidal wave of energy continued right until the mad dash on Friday to screen their films at the RPL Film Theatre. Major thanks must be given to the other instructors: Berny Hi, Kristine Dowler and Mariel Scammell. Everyone put in a tremendous amount of work and dedication for the past week, preparing the Filmpool, designing lessons, and in Mariel’s case, flying in from Montreal. Trudy Stewart from Mispon and Lesley Farley were also on hand, volunteering during the production days. Thanks so much to everyone!

This year, we put a greater focus on more ambitious projects. Campers broke the ice on Day 1 with their killer dance moves (described in Berny’s previous blog post) and split into four teams to expand their horizons in cinema by producing their own experimental films. By Day 2, we were editing those videos and already pitching ideas for their major narrative films. The campers split into two groups and with silent votes decided on their projects, and started preparations for the big Day 3.

Breaking the ice with The Hustle on the first day. Click to read more!

Wednesday came and the two teams went in totally different directions, running around downtown producing a hysterical and absurd sketch on the value of letting people into your life (Good Gladice, dir. Landon Jorgenson) and holing in the Filmpool to produce a dark, patient thriller about a smiley-face balloon with malignant intent (The Alarm System, dir. Sierra Haynes). On Day 4 we calmed ourselves down by Drawing and Scratching on Film, then edited and finished our films right up until the deadline on Day 5. But Film Camp wasn’t just about running around with a camera, we also had comprehensive lessons on film theory, genre, production value, experimental film, narrative film, sound, and a guest lecture by artist-residence Chrystene Ells on visual storytelling to give the campers the tools, knowledge and inspiration to continue making their own films.

Postcard inspiration for Experimental films @ Film Camp 2012

Collaborating on the Experimental Film exercise, Film Campers look for inspiration in postcards and phrases.

Undoubtedly, the event was a success. The End Screening tells a lot about the mood of the camp, and exiting the RPL one could still feel the energy and excitement bubbling from the week. The Filmpool can’t wait to have both new and returning campers back next year, and hopefully the Filmpool will be able to provide these passionate high-school filmmakers with resources and education all throughout these significant years. 

Personally, I wouldn’t be finishing my own film and studying film production in Montreal had I not attended this very camp four years ago. Film Campers, you’re the future and we all hope you keep on amazing us!

– Mattias Graham

Summer Assistant Coordinator/Lead Instructor Sask Film Camp 2012

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