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Registration now OPEN for the August 5th Equipment Workshop

Register here!

The date and time have been set for this summer’s new equipment workshop: Friday, August 5th at 6:00pm Registration is free for full members. Basic and subscriber members will have to pay $5 at the door. Participants should expect about 45 minutes of instruction, followed by a chance to try the equipment among themselves.

As a reminder, the equipment being workshopped will be:

DJI Ronin


The Ronin is a 3-axis gimbal stabilization system. It uses 3 brushless motors moving on three axes and a 32-bit processor to to calculate movements within milliseconds, mitigating almost all camera movement to create silky smooth, stable and sweeping camera movements.

Kessler Cineslider


Rotolite NEO LED Light Kit

Rotolite NEO

Zoom F8 Field Recorder

Zoom F8

Register here!

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