Sandra Staples-Jetko – “Friends Request” (Solicitud de Amistad)

Featured Member Works: Sandra Staples-Jetko – “Friends Request” (Solicitud de Amistad)

“Friends Request” (Solicitud de Amistad) is a short Homage to German Expression Film. It makes references to the silent era with the sound of the projector and a music box, selected scenes have colour tints, surreal settings, dramatic acting, newer technology. The plot has angst, desire, desire, mystic or otherworldly forces, and Jungian reference with Shadow and reflections.

Sandra Is studying film at the University of Regina, exploring genres and styles of filmmaking Her MFA project is working with clients of the Regina Open Door Society to animate stories they have written. She is learning different animation techniques and animation’s place in film theory. Sandra’s film interests extend beyond her University program. As she looked at the early 20th century Saskatchewan Film Work, she began to research the women filmmakers. The screening, “Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future” is just the start of her look at 100 Years of Saskatchewan Women Filmmakers.


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