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The Sound We See: Film Camp 2021

Film Camp 2021 is less than a week away!

This year’s edition is special as we are collaborating with Echo Park Film Centre, a media arts organization based in California/British Columbia, through which we will incorporate their flagship project, The Sound We See to our Film Camp program. Over this one-week intensive engagement, we will collectively explore the origins of the City Symphony and its contemporary relevance on Treaty 4 lands as participants create a collective 24-hour cinematic celebration of the dynamic environment that is so-called Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Sound We See is a series of 24-hour city symphonies collaboratively shot on 16mm and Super 8 film, with each hour of the day represented as one minute on film. Each film includes a soundtrack created by local musicians especially for the film's premiere.

Working collaboratively, participants will create a 24-hour film in which each hour of the day is condensed into 1 minute of screen time. There will be one roll of B&W 16mm high-contrast film stock allotted for each 2 hours of the film. After each roll of film is developed using eco-friendly processes and telecined to a digital file, the footage will be edited digitally on computers and connected chronologically into the final 24-minute film.

A Global Slow Film Movement Initially developed as part of Echo Park Film Center’s free youth filmmaking program in Los Angeles, The Sound We See uses analog filmmaking techniques and the “City Symphony” genre practiced in the 1920s by Walter Ruttmann and Dziga Vertov as starting points to explore communal creative process and contemporary environments. Discovering and redefining techniques of past avant-garde urban documentarians, 37 teens with little or no prior filmmaking experience worked with 16mm cameras and black and white stock to create a stunning 24-hour cinematic journey with each hour of the day represented as one minute on film. The Sound We See: A Los Angeles City Symphony premiered with a bespoke live score performed by a talented ensemble of local musicians. The project sparked a global “Slow Film” movement with youth and multi-generational communities in Vietnam, India, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Japan creating their own 16mm and Super 8 City Symphonies, not only shooting but processing (using both traditional and eco-friendly chemistry) and editing the film by hand, and presenting public exhibitions of the finished work in non-traditional venues. Each community pushes the process to new directions and discoveries; The Sound We See is an ongoing cinematic conversation on the relevance of handmade film in the 21st century. See the films here.


Paolo Davanzo and Lisa Marr, Echo Park Film Centre

Project Screening:

On Saturday August 28th students will get an opportunity to share their projects with friends and families at an outdoor screening as part of Nuit Blanche Regina 2021. This is an annual after-dark arts festival in the warehouse district, and as part of Film Camp 2021, the Filmpool will project the camper’s finished video at this event! The screening will start around 8:00 PM on the corner of Dewdney Avenue and Rose Street and is free for all to attend and open to the public. There will be musical accompaniment and the film will play on a loop until the event concludes around midnight. Those who attend are encouraged to explore the other exhibits afterwards. To see a map of the other artists/installations, click here! More details will be sent out regarding the screening closer to the end of camp week.

A big thank you to our sponsors and partners for making this years Film Camp possible!

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