Video Club Collective – “Spitly: A boy and his puppet”

Featured Member Works: Video Club Collective – “Spitly: A boy and his puppet (2013)”

Spitly is the true childhood recollection of a boy and his best friend that is a puppet. A reenactment of sorts, the film explores the hazy past of the ever ephemeral childhood memory through the glitches and pops of VHS. Original sound design by Gary Mentanko (aka Depatterning, currently lives in Ireland). Spitly made it’s debut at Screening Under the Steeple in Regina in 2013 and also screened in Brooklyn as part of the Microscope Gallery’s 2013 Now What #2 program.

Spitly: a boy and his puppet (2013)”

5min 30 sec

Video Club Collective was active from 2012 to 2015 and was comprised of multi-disciplinary artists Ian Campbell, Jason Cawood, Amber Christensen and Colby Richardson. Jason, Ian and Amber currently reside in Regina and Colby now lives in Winnipeg.


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