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Where Fools Wander In: the collected parody films of Jon Tewksbury and Jason Shabatoski.

Thursday, Sept 12th

Doors 7pm, Screening 7:30


Programmed by Gerald Saul

In three irreverent short comedies, Jason Shabatoski and Jon Tewksbury collaborate to create parodies of genres which defy the conventions of satire, leading the viewer to question the nature, and perhaps the very existence, of the original genres for which they seem to reference. Presenting fools as protagonists, these three films contradict the conventions of narrative cinema and deny the need crisis and climax. Though steeped in the absurd, Tewksbury and Shabatoski’s films give us a frighteningly accurate mirror to gaze upon the inability most of us have to change or grow. We may find that we don’t like their characters, respect their characters, or even believe in their characters, but deep down we know that any of us could be these characters, living in a state of denial of our perpetual failure. We do not laugh with the characters nor do we laugh at the characters, we laugh at ourselves… and we laugh hard.

So What’s the Deal? The Jody Fulkerson Story (17 minutes) 2003

Shuya Show (47 minutes) 2009

Spooksbury (18 minutes) 2017

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