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An annual prize fund that allocates up to $2000

in funding for Indigenous creators within Saskatchewan.

In honour of the late Trudy Stewart. 💗

The Trudy Stewart Prize is comprised of five awards for Indigenous filmmakers, moving image curators, moving image art critics and screenplay writers. Applicants and nominees can be non-members of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative as well as members. They can be at any stage of their practice (emerging, established, etc).

This award was first developed in 2020 by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative to honour Trudy Stewart’s legacy with community and family consultation. In 2022, the prize was relaunched to include a larger pool of funds, a self-determined mentorship component, equipment allocations, and memberships.



Originally from Flying Dust First Nation, Trudy was born in North Battleford and spent most of her childhood in a rural community in southwest Saskatchewan before moving to Regina. A ‘60s scoop survivor, Stewart was adopted at a time when child welfare authorities took, or “scooped,” Indigenous children from their families and placed them in foster homes to be adopted out. Stewart was just beginning to understand her identity as a ‘60s scoop survivor – a theme she explored in her short documentary, From Up North – when she unexpectedly passed away in 2019 at the age of 46. 

An award-winning filmmaker, community-builder, mentor, and activist, Stewart made significant contributions to both Indigenous cinema and processes of reconciliation. Through her films, she inspired greater understanding and awareness about the legacy of colonization, and honoured the victims and survivors of residential schools. 

- Evie Ruddy (Splice Magazine)


The award that will be given based on an application will be for $1,000 CAD. It can be for production or post-production costs for a project, curation, research, or moving image art criticism. If a self-determined mentorship is of interest, we can help facilitate this in their respective field. Mentors will receive CARFAC rates for one consultation, paid directly from the Filmpool.


There will be 4 awards given to nominated individuals in the amount of $250 CAD. All award recipients in this category will be nominated. Nominators must demonstrate the consent of nominees. Those who are nominated can be at any stage of their filmmaking, curatorial, moving image or arts criticism practice.  If a self-determined mentorship is of interest, we can help facilitate this in their respective field. Mentors will receive CARFAC rates for one consultation directly from the Filmpool.

All application-based awards will automatically be considered for nomination-based awards as well.


  • Applications open: Wednesday, May 15th, 2024

  • Application deadline:  Friday, June 15th, 2024


  • Eligible applicants are to be Indigenous; Treaty/Non-Treaty First Nation, Metis, Inuit. 

  • Prize winners will be selected through a juried process.

  • To apply or nominate, we have a form open below that will ask for the following:

    • A one page description of your intentions in applying for this award and your experience

    • Short bio

    • CV

    • You’re also welcome to name someone you’d like to pursue a self-determined mentorship with but this part is optional

  • Video or audio submissions in lieu of written submissions are also accepted. 

  • If application assistance is needed, please email in advance of the deadline.

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