Mar 07 2014

Membership Renewal Special


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Apr 15 2014

Thank you Canada Council for the Arts

Thank you Canada CouncilThe Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank one our most important funders and supporters – the Canada Council for the Arts. The Filmpool has just received word that for the next three years, the Canada Council will be funding the Filmpool’s overall operations, as well as its annual capital equipment expenditures. The Canada Council has been supporting the Filmpool since our inception over 36 years ago, and it’s safe to say, that we would not have an organization today, if not for the ongoing support from the Media Arts section of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Thank you again.

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Apr 09 2014

Get your grant applications in!

Grant application pageIt’s that time of year again
when artists from around Saskatchewan stay up late writing their Artistic Intent and crafting supporting material for the highly sought-after Filmmaker’s Production Assistance Program grant.
Each year, the Filmpool gives back to the community through this grant, using self-generated revenue to provide support for visionary artists in their filmmaking endeavours. Whether you are just planning your first film, or needing some gear at no rental cost, or are looking for assistance in distributing your recently completed film, the Filmpool has an opportunity for you.

  • Get up to $2500 financial support for your production ($800 if it is your first film)
  • Get unlimited access to equipment and facilities, which includes everything you could possibly need to make a film
  • Get up to $1000 financial assistance to disseminate your completed film

Check out the fillable pdf here:
grant application


For more info and answers to FAQ, visit the official page for this grant, found under the Production tab at the top of the website.

Due: April 15th, 2014

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Apr 07 2014

Employment Opportunity: Production Teaching Assistant

The Filmpool is now accepting applications for the Production Teaching Assistant position. Applicants must have completed at least first year film production at a recognized post secondary institution and understand the overall filmmaking process.

The Production Teaching Assistant will be a key player in the planning and execution of Filmpool’s Summer Film Camp for youth ages 13-17 and work together with the rest of the Film Camp team. As one of the camp instructors, this individual should have the ability to communicate and inspire the young filmmaker camp participants.

Application deadline: May 9, 2014.

Visit the Employment Opportunities page for complete details.



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Apr 01 2014

Facebook acquires the Filmpool April Fool’s fun

facepool troll

As you know, the staff and board of directors at the Filmpool have been in talks with mega business, Facebook, the Silicon Valley enterprise that is sweeping the world. The future is Facebook.

We are proud to announce that as of the first of April, 2014, the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is the latest acquisition of Facebook, forming a new brand and organization: Facepool. This new venture will see the co-op transform into a social network of visionary filmmakers with a more defined focus of sharing funny cat videos and hourly updates on what each of us is doing, consuming, and, most importantly, liking! See a film, or perhaps even an commercial on television that you think others should watch: LIKE IT!

facepool wants your films mmmmmDuring the official ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1:37 today (April 1st), Mark Zukerberg announced that the latest acquisition is “exciting and non-profitable”. The co-op branding, equipment, facilities, staff, and board were purchased for an estimated $136 dollars stock analysts say.

Get ready for some big changes at your favourite artist-run centre in Saskatchewan, the newly formed FACEPOOL!

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Mar 27 2014

A Night of Poetry & Film 9


Thursday April 10th, 2014.
Doors open at 6:30pm, show starts at 7pm.
at The Filmpool (301-1822 Scarth st).

Admission is free, but donations will be accepted at the door.

Join the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative for A Night of Poetry & Film 9. Created by writer and filmmaker Kelly-Anne Riess, this event features local Poets’ and Filmmakers’ latest works. Poetry & Film 9 will include a short video game experimental film from Berny Hi along with a special screening of Regina-made Bread Thieves, winner of Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festival this year, followed by original poetry from Katherine Lawrence and Bridget Keating.

Poets: Katherine Lawrence, Bridget Keating.
Filmmakers:  Dawn Bird, Berny Hi.

For more info click HERE

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Mar 21 2014



Screening Under the Steeple

Deadline:  April 25th, 2014

We are currently looking for Family-Friendly films, created by current Filmpool Members, to be screened as part of this year’s Screening Under the Steeple (Friday May 23rd, 2014). Preference will be given to films fitting the overlying theme of Sublime, Mystery, Intrigue, Dreams, Memories & Recalling.


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Mar 18 2014

Great Saskatchewan short video challenges: Animal Friend Footage

Animal Friend ChallengeGreat Saskatchewan Short Video Challenges on vimeo bannerA series of quests for visionary adventurers.

Second challenge:

Take some footage that you have of feline, canine, bovine, lupine, piscine, or porcine friends, or some natural wildlife shots and turn it into a short film.

Think of this not so much as a highly polished artistic endeavour, but as a fun way to encourage yourself to develop your skills and style, to use the hours of footage you’ve shot throughout your travels, and to create an active media creation environment with fellow filmmakers in Saskatchewan.

Notes / Ideas:

  • Try setting it to music (just make sure you have the proper rights and give credit). This may help you get a rhythm/mood for the piece.
  • It can be a slideshow of static images.
  • Don’t feel pressure to create something perfect. It can even be submitted anonymously (just make a new Vimeo account for your alter ego).

Head on over to the  Vimeo group to submit, leave comments or provide feedback for the submissions here on the Filmpool’s site, or check us out on Facebook or Reddit to discuss the event.
What kind of challenge would you like to see in the future?
play button


View the films submitted for the last challenge, “Vacation Footage” or view the album on Vimeo.
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Mar 18 2014

The Mystery of the Missing Notes

I’m really happy to be a part of presenting the works of Jason Britski next week. I’ve always had an admiration for his down to earth style fused with his evocative and elusive symbolism. However, it has always been difficult for me to articulate exactly what interests me most about these films. Earlier today I searched through my film journals from the 1990s in hopes that my original observations of his early films would help shed some light on my feelings. It took a while but amongst the 800 films I wrote about, one on each page of 8 hard bound journals which were the core of my MFA research, I found these pages from a student screening in 1997:


My memory sheds no light on why these pages are how they are. No other films within the book are left without description. Help me solve the mystery of Jason Britski. Watch his films, talk about his films, argue about his films, and participate in the first great Filmpool event of 2014 (happening Tuesday March 25th, 6:30pm at the RPL Film Theatre).

-Gerald Saul

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