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Accessing the Filmpool

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301 - 1822 Scarth Street

Regina, Saskatchewan

S4P 2G3

For general inquiries please contact:

PH: 306-757-8818

Monday - Friday from 10 am to 5 pm

Board of Directors and Staff Contact Information 




We are located in the heart of downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, situated on Treaty 4 Territory, the original lands of the nêhiyawak, Anihšināpēk, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakoda, and the homeland of the Métis/Michif Nation.  Treaties in Saskatchewan














Interactive Google Streetview showcasing our location. 





There is no main level street access by car as we are located on the pedestrian-only, Scarth Street. The closest drop-off locations by vehicle are in front of the Cornwall Centre on 11th Avenue or Scarth street next to Victoria Park.

Our staff are committed to facilitating your individual accessibility needs.  If you would rather meet outside of our facility or need another type of accommodation, please let us know.

Our office is located on the third floor and there is an elevator. See more detailed elevator information below. We acknowledge the physical barriers of our space, and we are currently working towards solutions to make our space more accessible for all. 



Dimensions: Door opening 82cm, width 1.22m, depth 1.07m and height 2 + m. See the image here.

Accessing the elevator: There are three ways to access the elevator.


1. Street level: Use our main entrance door (not automated) on Scarth Street and turn right. The elevator will be on your left side.


2. Cornwall Centre:  Take the Cornwall Centre exit door located on the second level next to the Zam Zam wraps and move through the hallway next to the BMO bank building. There are five (not automated) doors you will have to open to get to the elevator at the end of the hallway. This access is only open during weekdays from 8 am to 5.30 pm.  


3.  1861 Cornwall Street Parking Garage: You will have to enter the parkade from Cornwall St; and park on the 5th level. You will then use the exit door and move through the hallway. There are four (not automated) doors that need to be opened before you reach the elevator. After the third door, you will turn left, and will see the elevator. This access is only open weekdays from 8 am to 5:30 pm. 


About the elevator: The elevator is a bit clunky, but it gets the job done. To prepare for the ride, note that the elevator takes a while to arrive and the ride to the second floor takes about 26 seconds. In the beginning, you might hear some sounds that could cause some concern, but do not worry, it is just how this elevator likes to express itself. The doors of the elevator shut quite quickly after opening unless something is blocking them. For example, when moving gear in and out, you should leave an apple box or equivalent between the doors to keep them open.






Many bus routes heading towards downtown stop on 11th Ave, which makes the distance from our front door to the bus stop somewhere between 170f and 0.2 miles depending on the exact bus stop. Check the current operating bus lines and the bus stop locations here. A single-ride bus ticket fare stands at $3.25 for adults and $2.75 for youth (5-14 years old).  The city of Regina offers adjusted fees through their Affordable Access Program and Discounted 31 Day Pass program. You can find more information about these programs here.


The closest bike stands are right next to our front entrance on Scarth street in front of the BMO Bank of Montreal building. We recommend you lock your bike with a secure bike lock to prevent theft.



There is both street parking and parkades in the downtown area close to us. Meters are $2/hour, and most parkades are between $5 and $12 a day. Monday to Friday evenings between 6 pm and 8 am are FREE, and so are all day Saturdays and Sundays (PLEASE NOTE a two-hour time limit is enforced). See where the closest accessible parking spots are located at.


The Filmpool has two separate gender-neutral washrooms. One of our washrooms is an accessible washroom, and the other one has two separate washroom stalls that are both lockable. The accessible washroom has a grab bar next to the seat. We don't have automatic doors, and the washroom doors might be heavy to open. 


As a member, you may book our facilities for your artistic use. This might entail late-night editing or meetings with your artistic team outside of our office hours. At these times, you will be given keys and access codes to enter our facilities privately. It is important to keep these access codes safe and be aware of security procedures we have in place for our members. These procedures will be communicated to each of our members at the time of booking. You can always ask for more information or get a reminder of our security procedures by reaching out to our Production Coordinator via


The Filmpool staff communicate mainly in English. If you require translation in French or want to talk about our services in French, we have resources to accommodate that. If you need translation services or ASL Interpreting services, please contact us via email or phone. 


Our programming is currently taking place online. We offer closed captioning in English for most of our screenings. You can check whether an event has closed captions from our events page. We do not have audio description services available at the moment. If you require translation services or ASL Interpreting services, please contact us via email or phone, preferably 2 weeks prior to the event. 


If you are interested in our programming but have a financial barrier, please contact us so we can accommodate you. We acknowledge people's diverse financial backgrounds and economic barriers, whether temporary or long-term, and we want to make sure our programming is available for everyone.


The Filmpool is open to the public. Although we encourage people who enter our facilities to be considerate and respectful of our space and other people, we cannot guarantee that our space will always be free of strong scents and other sensitivity triggers. Please let us know in advance if you have a strong sensitivity towards scents or if you suffer from allergies, and we can prepare for your visit in the best way possible. 


We warmly welcome everyone with a service animal. If you have specific requests for accommodating your service animal during your visit, please let us know.


Our goal is to offer a space that is as safe as possible for all visitors and staff members. By entering the Filmpool, you agree to treating our space and the people with respect and care.  We do not accept racism, white supremacy, sexism, heterosexism/homophobia, cissexism/transphobia, sizeism, ableism and ageism, or any type of violence and harassment. The Filmpool does not tolerate any type of behaviour that is considered harmful, violent or aggressive and will take the needed action against people who behave in these ways in our space or during events that we are responsible for.

We hope that you can always enjoy visiting our space and events, and we want to make sure to accommodate all the diverse needs in our local arts community. We also acknowledge that we have limitations as an organization and that there are always new areas of development we should be aware of or things we could handle better. Please don't hesitate to tell us if we are not meeting your needs, if we have not considered something crucial to you, or if you simply have a suggestion you would like to share with us. Our staff is always ready to listen and come up with creative solutions. 


We would like to acknowledge The Khyber Centre for the Arts (based in Halifax NS, which is on K’jipuktuk, unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq territory) for their leadership in increasing access and inclusiveness and serving as an example for other non-profit organizations on how to provide information about accessibility through online platforms. We also want to acknowledge a fellow Treaty 4 community arts organization, Listen to Dis' for their profound insight regarding diverse access needs and their guidance on how to better to serve our local film community.  

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Audio read by Miranda Reid.

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Elevator Info
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