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Filmpool Production
Assistance Program

The Filmpool Production Assistance Program (FPAP) is proud to support the production of independent Saskatchewan films. Through a jury process, the Filmpool provides resources in the form of cash grants and equipment/facility allocation to assist productions. Filmpool members are eligible for up to $2,500 in cash funding and $2,500 in equipment allocations.


Deadline is typically in May of each year



FPAP grants are only available to Filmpool Full Members who are in Good Standing. Grants will only be considered from Members meeting these requirements who have submitted the completed FPAP grant application form and all required documents.

Filmpool FPAP grants are only available to Saskatchewan residents; the definition of a Saskatchewan resident is a person who maintains a permanent residence in Saskatchewan for a minimum of four months of the previous calendar year.

Students may only access the Emerging Filmmaker Fund. They are not eligible for the other grants.


You must retain full artistic control over all stages of the production, and upon completion, retain the ownership and copyright of the finished production,


You must be able to credit the Filmpool in the visual credits of the completed project, and provide the Filmpool with a completed version of the project for use as support material in its grant applications.

Available Grant categories

Emerging Filmmaker Fund

(a) The Emerging Filmmaker Fund was established to assist filmmakers in the transition from an educational program, or an amateur level, to the industry.

(b) Filmmakers may only access this fund once, to a maximum of $800.00. Post-secondary students cannot use this fund to work on projects completed for school. Any member without a previous FP (Filmpool Production) numbered project may access this fund.

(c) Members may also apply for [up to] $1,000 in member equipment/facility rental deferrals through this fund; post-secondary students are not eligible for these deferrals.

(d) Each year $2,400.00 will be allocated to the Emerging Filmmaker Fund.

Production Grant

(a) Production grants are provided to films entering the production phase of a project.

(b) Grants are available to eligible Filmpool Members only (See 13.10, Grant Eligibility) and come in the form of financial support and deferrals of equipment.

(c) Filmmakers may apply for a maximum of $2,500 in cash to be used on the production, and $2,500 in equipment deferrals.

(d) Production-funding applications include a question about what volunteerism the applicant is willing to do for the Filmpool. The Filmpool may call upon the successful applicants for volunteering activities.

Post-Production Grant

(a) Post-Production Grants are provided to films entering the post-production phase.

(b) These grants are available to eligible Filmpool Members only (See 13.10, Grant Eligibility) and come in the form of financial support and deferrals of equipment.

(c) Filmmakers may apply for a maximum of $2,500 in cash and $2,500 in deferrals.

Distribution Fund

(a) The Distribution Fund was established to assist filmmakers in the distribution and dissemination of their productions to festivals, cinematheques, artist-run-centres and broadcasters. Filmmakers may also access this fund to assist in the creation of a film print (16mm or 35mm) for distribution.

(b) The fund may only be accessed by eligible Filmpool Members (See 13.10, Grant Eligibility) and may only be accessed for a maximum of $1,000.

(c) Filmmakers may access the fund for assistance with a 16mm or 35mm print while completing their post-production grant.

Distribution funds may be used for festival entries, poster creation, duplication, shipping costs, etc.


  • All grants are specific to the stage of production applied for and do not cover costs retroactively [costs incurred prior to the application closing date will not be covered].

  • If an application is unsuccessful, the applicant can re-apply in the future.

  • A project may apply for funding and/or equipment access allocations at all three stages (production, post-production, distribution) but may apply for only one stage per application closing date.

  • Commercial, promotional, or educational projects are not eligible to apply for Filmpool funding or equipment access allocations [under the Filmpool Production Assistance program].

  • Equipment access allocations are assessed in the same manner as grants. They are provided to projects based on the artistic merit of the production.

  • Juries may recommend equipment access allocations without recommending any other funding support.​

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