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Filmmaker's Production Assistance Program

Deadline: April 15th Annually
Eligibility: Full members applying for independent projects.

Note: Once you start the grant application process, it must be finished in one sitting. It cannot be saved and returned to later.


Grant support is available annually to independent projects for one of three stages:

  1. Production

  2. Post-Production

  3. Distribution


Each year, the Filmpool grants up to $10,000 CAD to applicants as recommended by an independent jury of peers ratified by the Board of Directors. In addition, up to $30,000 in equipment & facility deferrals may be awarded under the same conditions.


Production grants will be applied for, as either an established or emerging filmmaker.

  • Established applicants may apply for up to $2,500 in funding and $2,500 in equipment deferral.

  • Emerging filmmakers are eligible for up to $800 in funding and $1,000 in equipment deferral.

  • The production coordinator or jury may, at their discretion, shift an application to or from either the established or emerging category as they see fit.


Post-production grants may apply for up to $2,500 in funding and $1,000 in facility deferral.


Distribution grants may apply for up to $1,000 in funding.


Examples of past successful grants:



  • If the application deadline date falls on a weekend or holiday, applications are due the following business day.

  • All grants are specific to the phase of production and do not cover costs retroactively.

  • Distribution funds may be used for festival entries, poster creation, dubs, shipping costs, etc.

  • The filmmaker may reapply more than once for the same project.

  • A project may receive funding and/or deferrals at all three stages (production, post-production, distribution), but you may apply for only one stage per application deadline.

  • A member may only have one grant open at a given time.

  • A member must be in good standing to receive their second installment.

  • Commercial, promotional, or educational projects are not eligible for Filmpool funding or deferrals.

  • Grant funding will not be given to any film made for a school curriculum.

  • Eligible non-commercial projects are those in which the filmmakers have full artistic control over all stages of the production, retain copyright of the finished production, are able to credit the Filmpool, and provide the Filmpool with a completed version of the film. This copy may be used as support material for Filmpool grant applications or in future Filmpool screenings.

  • Deferrals are assessed in the same manner as grants. They are provided to projects based on the artistic merit of the production.

  • Juries may approve deferral requests without approving any other funding support.

  • Successful emerging candidates cannot receive funding in the emerging category a second time.

Questions? Please call 306.757.8818 or email the Production Coordinator.

Trudy Stewart Award

Deadline: April 15th Annually
Eligibility: Indigenous filmmakers who are full members applying for independent projects.

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is pleased to announce the introduction of the Trudy Stewart Prize that will be given out annually beginning in the Spring of 2020.

Eligible applicants are filmmakers of Indigenous descent who are full members of the Saskatchewan Filmpool in good standing. The $1,000 prize is to be used for production or post-production costs for a project by the successful applicant. 

The deadline for applications will coincide with the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative's Production Funding Deadline on April 15 of each year. This prize is separate from the Filmmaker's Production Assistance Program with separate adjudication processes and guidelines. Applicants are eligible to receive funding from both the Filmpool's Production Fund and the Trudy Stewart Prize, and proceeds can be used for the same project. Elements used by applicants in the proposal package for the Filmmaker's Production Assistance Program can be used in the application for the Trudy Stewart Prize.

All applications for this prize are accepted via email through

Questions? Please call 306.757.8818 or email the Production Coordinator.


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