Expanded Cinema & The Great Saskatchewan Timeline Project (2014 – 2015)



 For more information please email Artist-In-Residence, Berny Hi [email protected]



Workshop #1: Vertical Film & Intro to Equipment

Saturday, December 13th – 2PM
The Vault Studio – 2440 Broad Street Regina (CBC Studios)

During this workshop, learn about shooting vertically oriented film and explore the filmic concepts and cinematic language inherent in this new frame. Practice a few techniques for vertical storytelling and get hands-on experience with the gear available for visionary independent filmmakers through the Filmpool. This will be a short (hour and a half) workshop focused on the gear that is available to you as a GST Artist, with some special attention paid to how to shoot vertically. There will be cameras on-hand for you to practice on, and you may bring your own gear if you’d like to explore how it can be used to create a film in the shape of our province. Other pieces we can look at (based on interest): dolly, jib, lighting, microphones (for those of you looking to capture narration or interviews), and the general use of the studio.

Because CBC building is officially closed on Saturday, we will have to meet at the same time and we will need to know how many are showing up so that you are not left out in the cold.

Please register for this workshop by email: [email protected]
Subject line: Workshop #1 Registration + your name



Workshop #2: Visual Storytelling

April 12th (Sun) 1pm – 6pm
The Vault Studio – 224 Broad Street Regina (CBC Studios)


The 2nd workshop in the Expanded Cinema Artist-in-Residence program at the Filmpool.


Guest Lecturer, Chrystene Ells, will run a jam-packed crash course that will change the way you plan, shoot, and edit films.


This seminar will outline a process of visual pre-production for film or animation, based on design principles, basic storytelling and visual progression: visual elements that greatly affect the impact and progression of any type of visual story, focusing particularly on the applications of these elements in film, video, and animation, and ways in which the application of design elements affects the psychological impact and structure when visually crafting a story.


$30 for Filmpool Members
Free for Great Saskatchewan Timelapse Artists

To register call or email the Filmpool 306-757-8818 – or – [email protected]
Someone will contact you by April 10th to inform you whether you have successfully been enrolled.


Payment is payable to The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative – or – The Filmpool; Filmpool can only accept cheque, cash or money order. Sorry, no credit or debit cards accepted at this time. 





Expanded Cinema Orientation
Thursday, November 20, 2014
CBC Production Studios – 2440 Broad Street

All participants are required to attend an orientation meeting on Thursday, November 20th at 7PM at the Vault Studio!

Please meet at the wheelchair access doors (just to the right of the main CBC doors ) at 7PM. It’s important to be on time as you will be escorted to the studio as a group. If you have any issues call or text 306-525-2878.

During this orientation you will:

  • Meet the Vault Studio team!
  • Receive your participant package including information about upcoming workshops, seminars and field trips.
  • Meet other program participants.
  • View vertical film samples.
  • Tour our amazing production space & receive access information.
  • Learn how to book the Vault Studio for your production.
  • Sign up for a Filmpool membership if needed & learn how to book editing suite time.
  • Ask all your fantastic questions.
  • Bring a cheque or cash for your $50 participant fee. Fees will help cover some basic costs such as studio supplies. Please email Berny Hi if you have questions regarding the fee structure for this program. 

Please also RSVP for orientation by emailing [email protected]



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 Amber D ChristensenCallen Diederichs Chrystene Ells Dianne OuelletteEddie KellerEric HillErin Kuiper Florence Hwang Gerry RueckerIan Campbell Jennifer Sparrowhawk Jo Weiss Jon Tewksbury & Dana LesiukKaren Polowick 01 - Still from No Diving Larisa Tardif & Elise Beaudry-FerlandLogan Vanghel Martin Makowski Matt Belanger Matt Holland Mattias GrahamMike Rollo Paul CrepeauRhayne Vermette Ryan Hill Sandra StaplesSean FlotreSplit the Bill Film Troupe: Eric Kanius, Chelsea Slessor-Smith, Gabrielle Dufresne, and Brody GibsonTessa MacIntyreTrudy Stewart





Premiere-logo-medium Premiere CS 5.5 project file (with preset 1080 x 1920 sequence and SK map cutout matte)









The Vault Studio
CBC Production Studios
Studio #W229E



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