Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards (SIFA) 2014

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featuring the first annual

Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards

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Thursday, November 27, 2014. Doors at 7:00pm. Entertainment at 7:30pm. Show at 8:00pm.

At The Artesian on 13th, 2627 13th Ave, Regina, SK S4T 1N2.

Cost: $10


The annual Filmpool Premiere Screening is designed to showcase and celebrate the amazing, creative and diverse film and video works by the Members of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative. This year we are excited to present the Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards at Premiere Screening 2014! Nominated films at the Premiere Screening will be eligible for 3 awards: Best Independent Saskatchewan Film – Jury’s Choice, Best Student Film, and Audience Choice.
James Whittingham and Laura Abramsen will be co-hosting the night’s events. Both James and Laura are well-known actors in Saskatchewan’s independent film scene and co-stars of Saskatchewan feature film The Sabbatical.


Jury’s Choice nominees

au bord de la riviere_2au bord de la rivière (Mike Rollo)

Synopsis: “au bord de la rivière” is an unblinking examination of the light and movement patterns that animate a river bank; an earthly mysticism in miniature, a professing of natural secrets hidden in plain sight.

Bio: Mike Rollo is a filmmaker form Regina, SK. His work explores alternative approaches to documentary cinema – methods which thematize vanishing cultures and transitional spaces through references to memory, history, religion, autobiography and architecture.


mysterium-SparrowhawkMysterium (Jennifer Sparrowhawk)

Synopsis: A woman looks for a house in the wilderness. What she finds there is not what she expected.

Bio: Jennifer Sparrowhawk is a Saskatchewan based filmmaker. Her work has screened in Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Australia.


ParathyroidPunk-EllsParathyroid Punk (Chrystene Ells)

Synopsis: A swaggering punk parathyroid tumor puppet boasts about the hell he causes.

Bio: Ells loves life, making stuff, having adventures and conducting experiments. Mostly she loves to do these things with other people.


Snapshots - Brian StocktonSnapshots (Brian Stockton) – WINNER: BEST FILM

Synopsis: A personal documentary featuring 5000 still photographs taken over a period of 25 years. A life flashing in front of your eyes in rapid, hypnotic fashion.

Bio: Brian Stockton is a Regina-based filmmaker and educator known for his work in a variety of genres.


This Huckster's Paradise - mattThis Huckster’s Paradise (Matt Belanger & Matt Yim) – WINNER: AUDIENCE CHOICE

Synopsis: On an evening stakeout, a young couple attempt to out a case of infidelity but discover playing private-eye isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Bio: Matt Yim is a Regina based writer/director who just completed his first feature film, Basic Human Needs, with producers Matthieu Belanger and Allan Roeher.


Best Student Film nominees

A New Understanding-NEWA New Understanding (Brenden Wishlow)

Synopsis: The lifelong struggle of a mother attempting to find her true passion.

Bio: Brenden Wishlow is a recent Film and Video Production grad from the University of Regina.




Isaiah-Jason RisterIsaiah (Jason Rister & Jordan MacKenzie)

Synopsis: For years Isaiah has struggled to renovate his childhood house, perpetually tearing it down and repairing it in an attempt to deal with his past.

Bio: Jordan MacKenzie (Kelowna, BC) and Jason Rister (Regina, SK) are emerging filmmakers who met while studying at the University of Regina’s Department of Film. Both have a strong focus on directing, but Jordan’s interest in screenwriting and Jason’s interest in cinematography resulted in a decision to collaborate.

Paragon - Zoe GaudryParagon (Zoe Gaudry)

Synopsis: Paragon Lifestyles Incorporated has high quality control standards and the questionable moral code to enforce them.

Bio: Zoe Gaudry and Omar Ismail are students of the U of R Film Department who share an interest in animation and genre films.




Running-By-Bryce GamacheRunning By (Bryce Gamache) – WINNER: BEST STUDENT FILM

Synopsis: Born into a traditional farming family; Ethan is expected to eventually take over the farm. Ethan is faced with trying to live out his passion of running before this happens.

Bio: Bryce Gamache currently attending Univeristy of Regina’s BFA in video production. In his last year he has studied all aspects of filmmaking but finds himself taking to the directing field of film.


A screening of Members’ works

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is dedicated to the production and exhibition of independent, visionary Saskatchewan-made, film and video art. The Filmpool Premiere Screening 2014 would not be possible without the amazing contributions from the Filmpool’s active membership. The annual Filmpool Premiere Screening is designed to showcase and celebrate the amazing, creative and diverse film and video works by the Members of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative.

The SIFAs are designed to celebrate a new era of Saskatchewan filmmaking. Through this new initiative we hope to raise the profile of Saskatchewan independent filmmaking, and in doing so foster the next voice of Saskatchewan filmmakers.

The awards are presented in association with the Filmpool’s annual Premiere Screening, all residents living in Saskatchewan for at least one year are eligible to submit their short films for competition. During its inaugural presentation on November 27, 2014, the SIFA’s will feature the categories: Best Film – Jury’s Choice, Audience Choice and Best Student Film.

Award Categories

SIFA – Jury’s Choice

The winner of this award will receive a $500 cash prize, along with their name on the main SIFA trophy, and their own individual-sized trophy.

SIFA – Best Student Film

To qualify for the student category the filmmaker must be enrolled in post-secondary schooling, or have created their film within the last two years while being enrolled in post-secondary schooling. Works produced with outside funding, such as Saskatchewan Arts Board grants, will not be considered for the student category. The winner of this award will receive a $100 cash prize, an individual-sized trophy, and a free Basic Filmpool Membership for one year, redeemable at anytime.

SIFA – Audience Choice

Paper ballets will be included in the programs on the night of the Filmpool Premiere Screening, during the Q&A period audience members will be asked to fill out their favourite film from the night. The winner of this award will receive an individual-sized trophy along with a $150 cash prize.


Past Premiere Screenings 

2011 2/2

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    1. Results have been posted!

      Best Film: “Snapshots” by Brian Stockton
      Best Student Film: “Running By” by Bryce Gamache
      Audience Choice: “This Huckster’s Paradise” by Allan Roeher, Matt Belanger & Matt Yim

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