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DN_Logo-SMALLFounded in 2004, the Double Negative Collective has become a major presence on the experimental cinema scene in Montreal and had an undeniable impact on the shifting landscape of moving-image art and the notion of artist collectives. Self-financed, the Collective has successfully managed for nine years to maintain its own studio with a variety of analogue filmmaking equipment and to organize experimental film screenings, performances and artist talks that have inspired artistic communities both at home and abroad. This collection of films demonstrates the depth and scope of the diverse approaches taken by members of the collective, whose varied backgrounds include other artistic practices such as music, poetry and visual art. Current members include: Christopher Becks, Karl Lemieux, Philip Leonard, Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, Lindsay McIntyre, Eduardo Menz, Mike Rollo, Daïchi Saïto, and Malena Szlam.


“We find ourselves in the role of alchemist: we promote accidents, discoveries, failures; processes that lead into unknown landscapes; the fleeting tangibility of mystical and transformative forces; the begetting of delicate, precious objects in the dark. We locate cinema in human experience, in the eye, hand and heartbeat, not in the worn-out tropes that pass for meaning and feeling in conventional moviemaking. We find mystery in processes: in materials, in ideas and in the world. The untutored, discovering camera is the prism we have found to draw these forces together…We provide no prescription for what film ought to be, but elucidate what it is: impossible pasts and futures in a trajectory of unravelling present, images pausing and passing from somewhere up there, in back of the head.” — from the Double Negative Collective Manifesto 

Films from Christopher Becks, Karl Lemieux, Philip Leonard, Lindsay McIntyre, Eduardo Menz, Mike Rollo, Daïchi Saïto, and Malena Szlam.

WHEN:  9pm Thursday May 16th, 2013
WHERE:  The RPL Film Theatre (2311 12th Ave, Regina)
COST:  Free Admission

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