Dianne Ouellette Retrospective (2012)

Dianne Ouellette RetrospectiveDianne Ouellette Retrospective

Thursday October 25th 2012 at 7 p.m.  (No cover charge)
at The Artesian  2627 13th Ave, Regina SK. 

Curated by Gerald Saul

About the Artist

Dianne Ouellette

Dianne Ouellette is an Independent film/video-maker who holds both a BFA (1995) in Film and Video and a BA (1993) in Theatre from the University of Regina. Dianne has completed a diversity of film and video projects over many years. She has worked in a variety of positions in the film industry as a producer, writer, director, cinematographer, videographer, photographer and editor.

Dianne’s films have been screened internationally in such places as Paris, Croatia, India, Italy, Australia, San Francisco, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Telluride, Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto. She has won numerous awards for her work, such as a Golden Sheaf award for Best of Saskatchewan at the Yorkton International Short Film Festival 2000 for her short 35mm film Daisy, and Best Experimental in 2006 for her short 16mm film Ashes. In 2008 the 13 part documentary series that she produced and Directed with Framed Films Inc. was awarded a Golden Remi Award for Best Ethnic / Cultural Film and Video Production at WorldFest Houston Film Festival and was also a Winner of a Creative Excellence Saskatchewan Tourism Award.

Dianne has many independent projects currently in the works, one which includes the documentary, Cardinal Secrets, which deals with family secrets through the eyes of her 91-year-old grandfather.











About the Films


Experimental / 16mm / 11:30min / 1997
Synopsis:  ‘yesterday I was born, or so it seems…december can be so calm, so cold, so pretty.’
One woman’s journey into herself and an embrace of her life.



Experimental / 16mm / 7:00min / 2005
Synopsis:  Not so long ago my Uncle told me the secret to life; shortly thereafter he had a massive heart attack and died thus, my Grandfather lost both his wife and his youngest son, my Grandmother and Uncle, in a span of three years.



Experimental / 16mm / 8:30min / 2001
Synopsis:  A film about the memory of love, or so called love, and the search for what is expected and what is to be.  In essence sIgh is a film about the fairytale myth.  It is a search for truth in relationships.



Documentary / DVD / 45:00min / 2006
Synopsis:  Two family members, a father and a daughter, in the span of one summer were diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  This documentary will be a personal exploration of family and the personal struggle to deal with mental illness.




Experimental / Super 8 / DVD / 3:00min / 2005
Synopsis:  I have a new puppy and his name is Aurthur.





Experimental / Super 8 / DVD / 3:00min / 2009
Synopsis:  In December of 1971 my Grandmother was found murdered on a street in Edmonton, AB.



Experimental / Super 8 / DVD / 3:00min / 2010
Synopsis:  Goodbye to the trucker I dated.



Experimental / Super 8 / DVD / 3:00min / 2003
Synopsis:  My sister and I get ready for our departure to the UK.


All Super 8 films were made for the One Take Super 8 event over the past years.

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