Premiere Screening (2012)


The annual Filmpool Premiere Screening is designed to showcase and celebrate the amazing, creative and diverse film and video works by the Members of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative.

This year we are excited to announce that the local band The Peanut Butter Genocide will be opening the night with a multimedia music performance.


WHEN:  Thursday Nov 22, 2012.  Doors open at 7pm, Preshow at 7:30pm, Films at 8pm
WHERE:  The Artesian on 13th (2627 13th ave, Regina SK.)
COST:  Cover charge is $7


Films to be screened:

Compression (Kent Tate, 2:22min)
I sometimes wonder if we are living in an age that is suspended in some kind of intractable inertia. Compressing both the past and the future, inducing a “constant present.” A fictional place where the rhythms of nature are ignored, while inadvertently winding time and space tighter and tighter, faster and faster. A parallel world increasingly removed from the actual one.

Kitty Dreams of Dying (Berny Hi, 5min)
Kitty tells of a dream he had once where he died.




On The Move (Sarah Huber, 8:11min)
A young girl decides to up and leave her small town life for the big city. Before she can even leave the province, she runs into troubles. She thinks her trip is doomed until she meets a friendly stranger who gives her a hand.



Thomas Edison’s Stitchpunk Frankenstein (Gerald Saul, 1:37min)
Just as he reaches the pinnacle of his career, announcing “Now I know how it feels to be God Me!”, Edison’s hubris is unraveled as his creation goes berserk, opting for a life of imaginary spectacle over traditional stage. It is about arrogance and raising children.



Ready-Mades (Gerald Saul, 1:52min)
Mundane objects are recontexualized with a formalist examination invoking the tradition of the readymade as conceptualized by Marcel Duchamp. This academic study is levened by the punctuation of a toy piano found at a flea market.



Coming Out MY YEAR TIME LIMIT (Noelle Duddridge, 13:57min)
The heartfelt story of my one year journey to tell everyone I love that I am gay.





She Had Died (Chrystene Ells, 3min)
‘She Had Died’ was shot on 16mm and hand-processed at Berny Hi’s Film Retreat in 2011. The film describes a moment when I died briefly in an art gallery, leaving my body behind in a kind of seizure while my soul took flight, plunged into a hyper-reality in which I recognized absolutely that I am one with the cosmos. The film stars ‘Bruce,’ a senior widowed gander, who has lost his lifelong spouse and two girlfriends to coyotes and spends his days conferring with himself in various reflective surfaces around the farm. Music by the filmmaker.


Discovery (Iryn Tushabe, 11:52min)
Coming home late, with a lingering unfamiliar perfume, sparks a tearful confrontation for a lesbian couple. But telling the truth – in more ways than one – results in greater closeness and renewal.



Jerry’s Journal: Juggling (Ronald Mein, 2:03min)
Jerry learns how to juggle in a round about way. 




Jerry’s Journal: Soul Searching (Ronald Mein, 2:03min)
Jerry must get his soul back.





The Floating World (Ian Campbell, 8:32min)
A man emerges from a heavily forested area of northern Saskatchewan to discover that most of the people in the surrounding townships have disappeared. 



A Stripshow for my Lover (Kris Brandhagen, 1:35min)
Kris Brandhagen creates animated video scenes from photographs. On the whole, they explore the concepts of fear, self, and identity. In “A Stripshow for my Lover,” Brandhagen uses her image, her body, samples of music, and the space/time between still images, to explore the relationship between grief and desire.




Scotty (Kelly-Anne Riess, 2min)
Scotty – Follow the comedic life cycle of Scotty the T.rex, from Eastend, Saskatchewan, who hatches from an egg and falls in love.



Idiom (Paul-Gui Crepeau, 18min)
A tragic comedy set in the near future when US immigration and foreign policy has compromised Canada’s. It is tale about Maria a new immigrate student whose future is put in jeopardy by a prejudiced Immigration Officer. Maria’s ESL teacher trys to help but….





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