Premiere Screening (2013)


The annual Filmpool Premiere Screening is designed to showcase and celebrate the amazing, creative and diverse film and video works by the Members of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative.

This year we are excited to once again feature the local band The Peanut Butter Genocide, opening the night with a multimedia synthrock music performance.


WHEN:  Thursday Nov 28, 2013.  Doors open at 7pm, Preshow at 7:30pm, Films at 8pm
WHERE:  The Artesian on 13th (2627 13th ave, Regina SK.)
COST:  Cover charge is $7

Films to be screened:


A Child Taken (Marcel Petit, 9:05min)
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, STC and the U of S Department of Art and Art History commissioned “The Child Taken” project in 2013. The intention of the project was to create an art piece’s that will visually capture the experiences of residential school survivors and inter-generational survivors, as they live through the implications of the residential schools policy.



Fifty Bucks (Rob White, 7:00min)
What would you do with fifty bucks?






Jerry’s Journal: How to Talk to Girls (Ron Mein, 2:47min)
A mysterious old man helps Jerry pursue a woman.






Grain: Seeds (Gerald Saul, 5:00min)
Shadows of kernels of wheat etch themselves into the 35mm emulsion; organic grain imparting its image into film grain, creating a cameraless film about farming and filmmaking.





Snowtop (Eric Kanius, 8:43min)
Nicole, Rita, and Marshall are an aimless group of new adults, wasting their days driving and eating fast food. Things quickly change, however, when a new relationship is revealed.





Cinephile (Mark Wihak, 7:40min)
Cinephile is an elegy to the end of celluloid, and a homage to some of the films shot in the city where cinema began – Paris.







An Act of Chairrorism (Paul-Gui Crepeau, 9:30min)
A chair responds to racism.





Bullheaded (Noelle Duddridge, 1:46min)
Angus and Buck are neighbors who are fed up with eachothers’ bullshit.





BLEACHx – Apnea (Mattias Graham, 6:49min)
BLEACHx is an exploration of the aesthetic and emotional possibilities of an indoor pool. “Apnea” is a drowning dance, pitting the human form against the oppressive aquatic environments we construct.




The Trouble I Got (Callen Diederichs, 10:10min)
A gunslinger’s performance anxiety turns out to be the least of his worries when an old enemy returns with a sadistic plot for vengeance. Set in late 19th century Saskatchewan, the film uses Western genre tropes to take a satirical look at the fabricated nature of identity, especially in relation to notions of masculinity.



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