Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards (2015)


Thursday November 26, 2015
Doors open at 7:00pm
Tickets: $10
With music by Jon Neher

At The Artesian on 13th (2627 13th Ave, Regina, Sk.)

Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards (SIFA)

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is dedicated to the production and exhibition of independent, visionary, Saskatchewan-made, film and video art. The annual Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards is designed to showcase and celebrate the creative and diverse film and video works by Saskatchewan filmmakers.




Sylvia, Syndey, and Mike Boom of Boom News will be your hosts for the 2015 Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards! These siblings are dedicated to getting their story and will undoubtedly be an entertaining component of this year’s show.

Best Film – Jury’s Choice nominees

BLEACHx - Cleanse
BLEACHx – Cleanse by Mattias Graham
BLEACHx – Cleanse

Director: Mattias Graham

Synopsis: BLEACHx is a series exploring guilt through pools and aquatic environments. “Cleanse” is the final chapter — stains, the purge, and the acceptance of forward momentum.

Bio: Mattias Graham was born and raised in the flatlands of Regina, Saskatchewan. He left to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Specialization in Film Production) at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University, and now calls Montreal his adopted home. He is the founder of the Trans-Canada Film Collective, and has been a staff and board member of the Filmpool.


Dreams and Spaces in Between
Dreams and Spaces in Between Director: John Graham
Dreams and Spaces in Between – Best Film: Jury’s Choice Winner

Director: John Graham

Synopsis: A young musician has just become deaf. He then begins to give life to sounds by experiencing them visually as increasingly complex poetic metaphors.

Bio: As a multi-disciplinary artist, John’s art practice spans many visual art media. His 4 independent short films have screened at over 80 film festivals and won several awards.



The First Engine
The First Engine by Ian Campbell
The First Engine

Director: Ian Campbell

Synopsis: At the dawn of the 20th century the horse was supplanted by a new means of power. A working mare is startled to find this new invention making itself known across the prairies. Soon it will make it’s presence felt in a most radical way.

Bio: Ian Campbell is an multimedia artist who works with digital and analog film, installation and performance. His short films have been screened across Canada at short film and experimental media festivals such as Festival Du Nouveau Cinema (Montreal), WNDX (Winnipeg), Antimatter (Victoria), 8Fest (Toronto) and others in Europe and the US.


Best Student Film nominees

Backroads by Candy Fox
Backroads – Best Student Film Winner

Director: Candy Fox

Synopsis: A powerful documentary testimonial about the truth Camillia endures after a traumatic night with her father tore her life and her family apart.

Bio: Candy Fox is a recent graduate of the University of Regina film program. She is Cree from Piapot Reserve. Her films explore her surroundings, her identity and family.


Home for the Weekend
Home for the Weekend by Bryce Gamache
Home for the Weekend

Director: Bryce Gamache

Synopsis: A miserable first-year university student is determined to move home, despite his parents’s wishes.

Bio: From the small town of The Pas MB, Bryce Gamache is an independent filmmaker based out of Regina, Saskatchewan.




Queeny by Rhys Pugh
Queeny – Audience Choice Winner

Director: Rhys Pugh

Synopsis: Rob gets romantically involved with a painting.

Bio: Rhys Pugh is a writer and director who is currently finishing his degree in video production at the U of R.




R.C.I. by Elise Beaudry-Ferland

Director:Elise Beaudry-Ferland & Larisa Tardif

Synopsis: Sometimes, virtual seems better than reality. At least, that’s what Dr. Bennett believes as she strives to bring social media to the people. What Patrick Kordel thinks is a standard appointment will suddenly alter his perception of life forever. What does it really mean to be “normal” in this plugged in world?

Bio: Completing her bachelor in film at the University of Regina, Larisa Tardif is a emerging DOP/camera operator from Regina Saskatchewan. Recently graduated from film at the UofR, Élise Beaudry-Ferland is an emerging director from Roxton Pond, Quebec.

Best Actor Nominees

Bernadette Mullen in R.C.I.
Dawn Bird in Home for the Weekend
Logan Vanghel in Queeny – Best Actor Winner
Mark Claxton in Home for the Weekend
Mattias Graham in BLEACHx – Cleanse


Award Categories


Best Film – Jury’s Choice

The winner of this award will receive a cash prize of $500, along with their name on the main SIFA trophy, and their own individual-sized trophy.

Best Student Film

To qualify for the student category the filmmaker must be enrolled in secondary or post-secondary schooling, or have created their film within the last two years while being enrolled in secondary or post-secondary schooling. Works produced with outside funding, such as Saskatchewan Arts Board grants, will not be considered for the student category. The winner of this award will receive a cash prize of $100, an individual-sized trophy, and a free Basic Filmpool Membership for one year, redeemable at anytime.

Best Acting

This award will be given to an outstanding performance by a male or female actor. The winner of this award will receive an individual-sized trophy along with a cash prize of $100.

Audience Choice (Sponsored by mispon)

Paper ballets will be included in the programs on the night of the Filmpool Premiere Screening, during the Q&A period audience members will be asked to fill out their favourite film from the night. The winner of this award will receive an individual-sized trophy along with a cash prize of $100.


Past SIFA Screenings 


SIFA 2014
SIFA 2014

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