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<del>Facebook acquires the Filmpool</del> April Fool’s fun

facepool troll

As you know, the staff and board of directors at the Filmpool have been in talks with mega business, Facebook, the Silicon Valley enterprise that is sweeping the world. The future is Facebook.

We are proud to announce that as of the first of April, 2014, the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is the latest acquisition of Facebook, forming a new brand and organization: Facepool. This new venture will see the co-op transform into a social network of visionary filmmakers with a more defined focus of sharing funny cat videos and hourly updates on what each of us is doing, consuming, and, most importantly, liking! See a film, or perhaps even an commercial on television that you think others should watch: LIKE IT!

During the official ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1:37 today (April 1st), Mark Zukerberg announced that the latest acquisition is “exciting and non-profitable”. The co-op branding, equipment, facilities, staff, and board were purchased for an estimated $136 dollars stock analysts say.

Get ready for some big changes at your favourite artist-run centre in Saskatchewan, the newly formed FACEPOOL!

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