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FILMPOOL SCREENING ~ Tiny Magic: conjuring all kinds of feelings


When:  8pm Friday September 19th, 2014 Where:  Filmpool (301-1822 Scarth st. Regina, SK) Admission: $5 or PWYC

Curated by Amber Christensen this screening will feature works from ten Saskatchewan film and video artists. Sometimes surreal, sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical and sometimes sweet, all filled with tiny potent magic.

Drinks and chats with Pulsewidth (DJ set) after the screening. 

Featuring in no particular order:

Amber Goodwyn “Wive’s Tale” (2013) Sarah Abbott “Why I Hate Bees” (1997) Jennifer Sparrowhawk “Mysterium” (2014) Thirza Cuthand “You are a Lesbian Vampire” (2008) Ian Campbell “Many Brains, Many Eyes” (2014) David G. LaRiviere “Son of Ronald” (2008) Allysha Larsen “School of Athens” (2013) Clark Ferguson “Dead Meat” (2008) Callen John Diederichs “Local Girls” (2013) Colby Richardson & Kristina Hedlund “Space Princess and Amethyst Portal” (2013) Eric Hill “Geht Pop!” (2014)

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