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Personalized Computer Rig Part 3

We keep things rolling with part three of the personalized computer saga. In this installment. Production Coordinator Berny Hi and Production Assistant Matthieu Belanger tackle the installation of the behemoth that is the rig’s video card, add FireWire ports for those older cameras and hard drives in need, and make room for some storage space with the addition of both a solid-state and hard disk drive.

Parts looked at in this Video: Graphics Card: N560GTX-448 Twin Frozr III PCI Card: StarTech 3 Port 1394 PCI Express FireWire Card Solid-state Drive: OCZ Vertex 4 256GB Hard Disk Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green 3.0TB

The saga comes to a conclusion with the the final video, which should be up sometime next week.

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