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Red Rover Screening


Red Rover Screening

WHEN: 8pm Oct.4th 2013 WHERE:  Paved Arts in Saskatoon (424-20st W), FAVA in Edmonton (9722-102st NW), EMMEDIA in Calgary (351-11ave SW)

Red Rover is a screening of members’ works, staged simultaneously at FAVA in Edmonton, EMMEDIA in Calgary, and co-presented by the Filmpool and Paved Arts in Saskatoon.

The Filmpool’s portion will be made up of the following films: Cinephile by Mark Wihak Kathleen’s Diary by Chrystene Ells Drown by Berny Hi

PAVED Arts Saskatchewan screening event Facebook event page.

EMMEDIA: “Ode to Dawn” by Joshua Fraser “Haiku 1: Doubt” by Lyle Pisio “The Jump” by Lia Rogers “Windsage” by Jeff Bray & Olivier Balmokune “One Hit Die: Episode 3” by Spencer Estabrooks

FAVA: “Magnetic Reconnection” by Kyle Armstrong “Now That I’ve Given Up Hope, I Feel Much Better” by Aaron monsoon & Lyle Bell PAVED Arts: “Nomadic Bounce” by J.S. Gauthier, Adrian Stimson, and Jason Bearg “The Trouble I Got” by Callen Diederichs “A Telephone Call” by Amber Christensen & Karen Polowick | 2 minutes | 2013 “First Seizure” by Peter Stinson. |Length: | 3 minutes | 2013 The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative: “Drown” by Berny Hi “Kathleen’s Diary” by Chrystene Ells “Cinephile” by Mark Wihak

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