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Filmmaker’s Production Assistance Program

Congratulations to the following Filmpool members on their grant funding and equipment rental deferral awards, attained through the Filmpool’s annual Filmmaker’s Production Assistance Program (Spring – 2014).

The Filmpool looks forward to showcasing all of these works at upcoming Filmpool Premiere Screenings and beyond!

  1. Award: Amalie Atkins $2,500 financial assistance for Post Production of Aprons

  2. Award: Mike Rollo $2,500 financial assistance and $1,500 equipment rental deferral for Production of Farewell Transmission

  3. Award: Matt Yim $2,500 financial assistance and $15,840 equipment rental deferral for Production of Basic Human Needs

  4. Award: Mattias Graham $2,500 equipment rental deferral for Production of Red Can

  5. Award: Paul-Gui Crepeau $800 equipment rental deferral for Production of Saskatchewan’s URBAN Beauty

  6. Award: Kaylor Coons $1,342 equipment rental deferral for the First Film Fund of The Riddle Twins in: The Case of the Phantom…

For more information on the Filmmaker’s Production Assistance Program, visit this section of the website:

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