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Telefilm Talent To Watch Program: Apply via the Filmpool! 💰🎬

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is a Designated Partner for the Telefilm Talent to Watch Program, a funding stream for emerging filmmakers to finance the production of original feature films in Canada!

The Talent Fund-supported Talent to Watch Program aims to support a diverse array of emerging filmmakers. The intended outcome of this Program is to discover and develop the next generation of Canadian filmmakers, and to allow them to establish their voice and sensibility through a first feature. If you are interested in applying for this program, for best results, we recommend that your project should be in the pre-production stage, nearly ready to shoot, as this is a highly competitive and robust funding stream accessible across the country.

Our friends at FAVA in Edmonton have a recording of an in-depth info session to help support potential applicants in putting together an application with complete documents and tips for a successful pitch video; you can find that video here:

Applicants interested in submitting to the Telefilm Talent to Watch program through the Filmpool in the Industry Partner Stream, can send your applications to

The updated deadline to submit this program through the Filmpool is April 15th, 2022. To see a breakdown of all required documentation, visit the Telefilm website:

If you are interested in applying through the Festival Selection Stream (you have directed a short film that was selected at a recognized film festival) or the Filmmaker Apply-Direct Stream (emerging filmmakers who are: Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, Women, Gender-diverse and 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, Persons with disabilities and members of Official Language Minority Communities), then you will apply directly to Telefilm between April 19 - May 3, 2022.

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