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Visiting Filmmaker Screening

Pleased to have visiting filmmaker Jean-Jacques Martinod in town this Monday evening, showing a selection of their films, along with two co-directed with Bretta C. Walker.

Screening will start at 7PM, popcorn and non-alcoholic drinks provided. Admission is free, while donations for Jean-Jacques on their travels would be kindly accepted.

Program will be as follows:

The Hollow (co-directed with Bretta C. Walker) | 2022 | 14minutes | Super16mm

A reclusive glass artist lives in solitude within the dense, misty forests of Southern Appalachia and the infernal fires of a foundry. A cinematic study on mountain alchemy and its relationship to fire.

Before the Deluge | 2020 | 38min | Super16mm, Archival & Hi-8

Within the ancient Precambrian rock of Northern Canada sits one of the largest reserves of uranium on the planet. A power that has yielded the largest destructive energy known to man, also manifest in the region's harsh natural glory. A gothic travelogue that summons dialogue with ghosts of the region; abandoned mining towns swallowed within the pandemonium of extraction commerce and eschatological oblivion, while also the liminal forces that inhabit this north and whisper in shadow memories.

Grabados del Ojo Nocturno | 2016 | 7min | 16mm

A collage of collected imagery turned ritual travelogue: from the Sahara to the oceans of South America, passing through an old ancestors abode.

Datura’s Aubade (co-directed with Bretta C. Walker) | 2021 | 17min | Super16mm

In the high Chihuahua Deserts a local myth tells the story of how a local farmer once discovered the remains of a fallen meteorite. In the liminal deserts a vacuous wind enmeshes itself with magnetic lands where the earth and the alien surrender to inner overlapping rhythms, and where serpents, wolves, and nature spirits roam horizonless and free of form.

La Bala de Sandoval | 2019 | 17min | Super16mm

A bullet and a broken bottle place a man past death and under subtle delirious currents. The film experiments in an unknown existential void, one that is still living, throbbing, abyssal. By recounting the events of his direct encounters with death, Isidro Vargas and his brother maneuver down ambiguous traces of gaseous memory. Sensorial inquiries hover between carefree nonchalance and pensive caution: as if to say that chance and destiny are unexpected neighbors.

Jean-Jacques Martinod is a filmmaker, media artist, teacher,

curator and founder of the micropublishing endeavor

Evidence House. His practice operates as constant relational

inquiry within the realms of cinematic noumenal perception. By combing parapsychic conjured drifts, he creates highly personal, mythical and parapoetic landscapes in direct dialogue with realms of topographic cognition. On a formal level his works showcase a deep interest in haptokinetic phenomena, and his research interlaces artistic practices that include archival investigations, analog and digital cinematic artisan manipulations, while also making use of found detritus in hauntological modes of media-overlap, all in communion with the domains of an expanded animist nature and inner experience.

Martinod’s work has been showcased in leading festivals, museums and cinematheques, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, FIDMarseille, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Mar del Plata, PHI Centre Montreal, Cinemateca do MAM Rio de Janeiro, The Museum of the Moving Image and the European Media Arts Festival. His work has received several awards including Jury Prize at DocumentaMadrid, both Camira and Explora awards at Curtocircuito, and the Jury Prize at the Belgrade Alternative Film/Video Festival.

Hope to see you there! 💫

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