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AGM 2017 June 4th 12pm

Celebrating 40 years of creative and independent filmmaking in Saskatchewan!

In addition to electing new members to the Filmpool Board, reviewing the Filmpool’s financial situation, and reports from staff and Board – the AGM offers members an opportunity to share their thoughts about the Filmpool in general. Many important issues face the Filmpool and the organization requires your input and vision to help with these decisions.


Let’s all work together to support our independent filmmaking community and to realize its full potential! 

Free BEER and PIZZA for all Members!!!

NOTE: All members of the organization are invited to attend the Fimpool’s AGM, however, only (Production) Basic and Full members have voting privileges, as well as the opportunity to become a member of the Filmpool’s Board of Directors.

The Filmpool’s Board of Directors is responsible for setting the vision and overall direction of the organization. The Board also sets all Filmpool policy and any major changes to the organization’s operation and governance structures. All Filmpool Executive Committee positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) are comprised from the Board of Directors. In addition, all Filmpool committees, including: Splice Magazine, Production, Programming and ad hoc Special Events committees, are exclusively comprised from members of the Board of Directors.

Becoming a Filmpool Board Member comes with a substantial degree of responsibility. If you are committed to the mandate of the organization and would like to devote volunteer time and energy to its success, then please consider the opportunity to run for the Filmpool’s Board of Directors at this year’s AGM.

To become a nominee for the Board of Directors, you must be a Filmpool Production Member in good standing (2016 – 2017).

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