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<em>Hello In There / Hello Out There</em> exhibition “I Remember When…”

The Filmpool has partnered with Common Weal Community Arts Inc. to work with Saskatchewan seniors in creating individual, personal art pieces that manifest their memories of places, people, and time.

The participants shared stories, created art, and recorded audio monologues about their lives. Lead Artist Chrystene Ells, along with the assistance of Associate Artists Rowan Pantel and Berny Hi, helped bring these memories to the physical realm through a plethora of media.

We’re having a small 4-hour exhibition of the seniors’ artwork created so far as part of the “Hello In There / Hello Out There” project on Thursday December 12, 2013 from 10am until 2pm. This is work done by 15 Regina seniors, mostly memory boxes, as well as some paintings and other pieces, from September-December of this year.

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