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Filmpool Membership 2018-2019 Renewal Due April 1st

Dear Filmpool Member,

I would like to this opportunity to thank all our members, staff colleagues, board of directors and community at large for making this past year such a memorable one for the Filmpool. Celebrating the Filmpool’s 40th anniversary year was a momentous occasion. After all, how many times do we get a chance to have a beer made in our honour? as we did last September with the launching of the Filmpool’s “Wheat Soup”.

The Filmpool also presented an incredible array of events, including the Fourth Annual Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards, the 12th Annual Film Camp for Youth, the First Annual 24 Hour Write In, Membership Screenings, One Take Super 8 Event, NFB Doc Lab inaugural event, as well as countless other workshops and partnership activities.

I would also like to make special mention of the Canada Council for the Arts, who this past year increased substantially our annual operations budget in recognition of the Filmpool’s diverse and impressive support to members and provincial-wide media arts community.

However, our primary focus has always been to support Filmpool members to create and screen their films. The Filmpool’s production arm is always extremely busy, as each year over 300 sign out sheets are produced for production, post production and facility support. We also provide annual production funding, equipment deferrals and networking opportunities throughout the year.

We are extremely proud of our level of support for our entire film community. And, as the industry continues to rebuild itself after the devastating news of five years ago, the Filmpool will always be there to keep the local fires burning –  supporting both emerging and experienced filmmakers alike.

We must all keep creating and keep believing in ourselves.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you for renewing your Filmpool Membership 2018 – 2109.

Gordon Pepper Executive Director

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