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Personalized Computer Rig Part 2

After an extremely brief 10 month hiatus , we are finally back with some more tantalizing customized computer rig building highlights!

In this weeks episode, Production Coordinator Berny Hi and Production Assistant Matthieu Belanger get down to business by giving the PC its brains and its brawn with the installation of the Central Processing Unit and the Power Supply Unit. We also keep things cool with the installation of the Heat Sink.

There is also some general cleaning and tidying of miscellaneous cables. Very sexy stuff.

Parts looked at in this video:

Central Processing Unit: Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5Ghz Power Supply Unit: Corsair HX750 Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Formula Case: NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower Heatsink: Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler

The next episode should be up in a couple of days, so stay tuned.

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