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Talent To Watch – apply through the filmpool

The Filmpool is pleased to announce that its 2019 Telefilm Canada’s ‘Talent to Watch’ recommendation candidate is Filmpool production member Chris Ross. Good luck Chris!

Are you a Filmpool member with your first feature film in the works? Do you have a narrative project that you want to make specifically for online distribution? Send your full submission for for the Telefilm Talent To Watch Program to the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative for recommendation.

Formerly Telefilm’s Micro-Budget Production Program, the Talent To Watch program finances emerging content creators who are recent alumni of a partner educational institution, active members of partner cooperatives or recent participants of partner film festival incubator initiative, or who have directed a short film that was selected at a recognized film festival.

The Talent to Watch Program – Funding of First Feature Films and Web Projects from Emerging Filmmakers aims to support emerging filmmakers, accelerate their career development, and to allow them to develop an expertise in digital marketing and promotion of audiovisual projects. The maximum contribution amount through this program is $125,000 for feature films and narrative-based projects of over 75 minutes. Financing will be given to projects chosen among those recommended by designated industry partners for each component of the Program (see full list of partners in documents. The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is one of these partners. Guidelines can be downloaded here The program is open to students, alumni, and members of selected schools and film cooperatives. NEW this year, only the director must be a Filmpool member. If you are applying through the Filmpool your application must include: The entire Telefilm application and related documents including: – 3 – 5 minute video pitch – a trailer of the project, if available – a link to previous work, if available – a written synopsis of the project including a description of the creative team’s vision – a promotion and distribution plan for the project – a production schedule (from pre-production to digital release) – the total budget of the project broken down in four categories: development costs, production costs, post-production costs, promotion and distribution costs – any other information that sets the project apart

To submit your application email:

The Filmpool  must receive the application by Wednesday February 13th, 2019


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