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Thank you Mitch Doll!

Thank you Mitch Doll! The Filmpool would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Programming Coordinator Mitch Doll. Mitch has accepted a new position at Regina’s Globe Theatre and we want to wish him nothing but success. Mitch has been instrumental with much of the Filmpool’s recent success, including initiating the Filmpool’s Open Aperture Series and Cine School, redesigning the Filmpool’s website, instructing at Film Camp, improving our online registration processes, outlining annual programming schedules, and on and on. But perhaps what’s most impressive about Mitch, is his calm and collected manner in helping out his fellow staff members. Mitch was always there to assist Amber, Logan and Gord whenever something needed to get done. Mitch’s last day working at the Filmpool will be Thursday, June 22. We will miss you Mitch and your enormous contribution to the Filmpool!

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