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Filmpool EQ Workshop 2016 Scheduling Survey – August TBD

EQ 2016

The Filmpool has gotten its crop of new equipment, and I’m hard at working perfecting the art of using it, so that I can help you do the same! The question I have for right now is a question of when. When would the membership as a whole prefer this workshop to take place? To that end, I’ve set up this scheduler to figure out what would work best for most people.

EQ Workshop 2016 Scheduler:

The potential dates are August 5th through 8th, with various times in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The scheduler does hide a couple of the options initially, so be sure to click to expand all the options. Please note that this is only to gauge interest and availability at this time and none of these times or dates are officially locked in. I’ll be sure to announce those times when they’ve been decided based on the response to this poll.

Registration will be necessary for the workshop, which will be free for full members or $5 for basic members. It should be noted that the DJI Ronin will only be available to Full members who have taken this workshop and been given express permission to rent it.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me: and I look forward to passing on more info about the workshop when it’s ready! And stay tuned to the website in the coming weeks for featurettes on each of the pieces of equipment in anticipation of the workshop as well!

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