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Filmpool Grant Writing Workshop

Jason Britski is an independent filmmaker based in Regina, Canada. His films and videos have been screened around the world at such film festivals as Toronto International, Rotterdam International, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Hamburg International Short, Revelation Perth International in Australia, Tampere International in Finland, and Cork International in Ireland. His work has screened in 48 countries at approximately 180 film festivals, and also at various art galleries, micro-cinemas, and other venues. In the past 22 years Jason has made 24 experimental films, co-produced and co-directed 2 documentary TV series,  and a feature length documentary. Jason has worked in the industry as a producer, director, videographer, sound recordist, sound editor, and as a picture editor.

The Filmpool’s grant application deadline is coming up, and to help you prep we have our annual grant writing workshop. On March 20th at 6:00pm, Jason Britski will lead attendees through the new grant application process and offer step by step advice on the expectations of the Filmpool grant.

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