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Filmpool Member Screening: March 26th @the Artesian

Join us at the Artesian March 26th for a screening of Filmpool Member Films!

Doors at 7pm, screening 7:30pm

Jason Truong – Claire

Evan struggles as he reaches a crossroad with Claire. Confiding in his best friend, Jason, the two discuss the trials and tribulations of relationships.

Callen Diederichs – Steppin’ Out

In 1898 Saskatchewan, 2 gunslingers indulge their interest in the supernatural by visiting a herd of bison supposedly endowed with magical properties. They then find themselves transported to strange new frontiers of the Wild West.

Rhys Pugh – Heistery

Two low level criminals want to step up into the big leagues of armed robbery.

Gerald Saul – Mr. Saul and Son

Mr. Saul (filmmaker Gerald Saul’s know-it-all alter ego) returns to using super-8 to once again document how he is not only the finest filmmaker but also the finest father. Co-starring Gerald’s son William as the irate child of Mr. Saul, the film questions issues of authority, perception, and reality.

Josh Campbell – Sirocco: Winds of Resistance

A pissed off teacher’s search for truth takes him from a school charity event in the Canadian prairies to Spain, Germany and the Sahara Desert in northwest Africa. There he documents the stories of two courageous indigenous women—Senia Abderahman and Aziza Brahim—who share not only a common struggle, but also a common inheritance of nonviolent resistance from each of their grandmothers.

Jason Britski – Public Domain

“Public Domain” is a found footage project made from public domain archival material that is an exploration, and a reaction to the turbulent times we find ourselves in.

Jeremy Ratzlaff – Mi Amor

A story of a young man suffering a broken heart, and the mysterious DVD he finds that opens the door to an alluring new opportunity.

Cory Maclean – Door to Door

Walking home alone on Halloween night, Carly begins to suspect something sinister is following her through the streets. Paranoia takes hold and it seems that All Hallows Eve is not as harmless as we like to think.

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