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Filmpool Premiere Screening: Saturday May 4th

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is dedicated to the production and exhibition of independent, visionary Saskatchewan-made, film and video art. The Filmpool Premiere Screening is designed to showcase and celebrate the amazing, creative and diverse film and video works by the Members of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative.

Big thanks to all our members who submitted films!

Feature Film 2pm: Book Of Trespasses: The Movie – Jared Barry, Gareth Nicol, Larry Parsons

Short Films: 7pm Rob White Unsubscribe Jeremy Ratzlaff Linsey & Talulah Jason Britski Circles of Confusion Aaron Sinclair Catch Up and Slow Down Dianne Ouellette Land of the Free Dianne Ouellette Cry Wolf Dianne Ouellette Farm Gavin Baird Behind the Windowpane Brian Stockton I Forgive You Tobi Lampard Jejune Gerald Saull The Gentleman Farmer: Glue William Bessai-Saul Tears of Cruelty Sandra Staples-Jetko Grasslands Jam Sean Xiao He Sorry Dustan J. Hlady The Young Wife Cory Maclean Lost Valley Luke Halyk Standby Mode Sophie Kokott Pieces: Camp – Episode 1

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