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Independent Visions: Films for One to Eight Projectors

The next Independent Visions – Films for One to Eight Projectors – promises to be a unique experience with multiple projectors going and the filmmaker himself, Roger Beebe, running from projector to projector.

independent visions 4 beebe2

Made and projected in a variety of formats (Video, 16mm, and super-8mm), the films combine found footage and Beebe’s own striking imagery of American landscapes, seen through the prism of technological change. But they also exist as performance films, since, as Beebe says, “they an only be screened with [the filmmaker] actually running the projectors- and running from projector to projector.”

Join the Dunlop, University of Regina’s Film Department, and the Filmpool at the RPL Film Theatre for the fourth episode in the Independent Visions series on Tuesday, April 7th at 7pm! Q&A with Roger after the screening.

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